In this year of Great Revelations, an incredible amount of information has to come out about so many hidden things.  The subjects of this years podcasts therefore are going to be varied and cover many things.

I will not spend my time talking about currents events or doing updates because to be honest there are already quite a few people in the Truther Community who already fill that role.

Instead, what I will do in 2023 is spend my time talking about God, spiritual things, and cover much of the vital information that I have collected from my 60 plus years of spiritual experiences here on Earth and in my walk with God.


If you do listen to this entire podcast – there are a few really vital bits of information to get out of it.

FIRSTLY is that what everyone thinks of as “normal” has actually been designed to harm and to enslave us!  In this way – what you think of as “good” is actually “bad” for us, and is causing all of us great harm.

Many times the people that we respect the very most are the ones who are the biggest criminals and are doing the most evil!

SECONDLY is that I believe in this year of 2023 the entire way you look at things will be turned around and put right side up! 

Meaning that what you once thought of as good – will be shown to you to be EVIL. 

This is the proverbial righting of the ship so to speak in the water, because up until now – the entire ship has actually been upside down (even though most people did not know that) – and hopefully by the end of 2023 the entire ship should once again be sitting upright in the water such that the view we are all seeing will be quite different.

As always TELLING THE TRUTH is the goal of every podcast that I do in an attempt to provide everyone with a deeper and clearer view of whatever subject I might be addressing.

This first podcast of this new year was planned in advance, however I would like everyone know that I was extremely tired (exhausted) when it was recorded.  I have not been sleeping well over the last few weeks due to heavy frequency attacks which are keep me up during the night.  Because of this, the delivery of the message in this podcast may seem to be a bit all over the place, and I may even sutter a bit when trying to find my thoughts.

Directed Energy Weaponry is one of the Deep States most cherished ways to tell people that they are not happy with what they are doing – so I guess they must be VERY unhappy with me due to the level of harmful and disturbing energies that I am getting hit with recently (most especially at night).

This all being said – Luke has provided everyone with a BRAND NEW LOOK for this new year in the Video Department and I think it is really amazing!  His work is deeply appreciated.

Thank you for coming to Love Truth Site today and Thank you for indulging any of my delivery problems on this first podcast of the Brand New Year.

Please Enjoy!

Watch on Rumble:

All my love




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