For the past many months I have been trying to find a way to explain my point of view on the expansive work of Ashayana Deane.

In order to help achieve this, I decided to continue my work on a series that I started a while back on the subject of HARMONICS, but writing about seemingly complicated concepts has been proving difficult for me and I thought that doing a podcast would be more effective.

Ashayana Deane has put out some extremely sophisticated drawings concerning Sacred Geometry, and has channeled tons of material which she suggests includes the entire history of our Universe.

My problem with her work is not what she says is taking place, but her CONCLUSIONS about what is possible for God.

Therefore, Luke and I did a podcast a few days ago where I explain in very simple terms my point of view on the idea (the theory) of a Fallen Galaxy – and what that means for the ASCENSION PROCESS for eternal souls going back to the Great Creator.

I am speaking out of love and concern for a humanity who has simply lost their way and without higher knowledge, may come to believe in a web of complexities telling them that nothing can be done.

I believe that this podcast is extremely important to hear.

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All my love!


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