This is the “war” that all of the powers who claim to be in charge are terribly afraid of.

The claim that there might be a CIVIL WAR here in America (at this point) is not nearly as plausible as an all out battle between the light and the dark factions of the American Military itself.

This (in my opinion) is what is taking so very long in getting the country to the finish line!


Because most Americans – who are satisfied to just sit on their couches and let the Military “clean up the mess” – have never considered (nor have been informed) that only a PORTION of the U.S. Military is actually good!  There is also a very dark portion of the military here in America.

This podcast (which you really need to watch) explains the why’s and the how’s of all of this.  You don’t want to miss it.

Watch on Rumble:

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