This podcast is meant to connect dots.  It is meant to step back and look at many things you may have never considered and then connect them to what we see happening in our world today!

History is a great teacher, and by ignoring what happened in the past – we can never grasp what is happening in our present.

This podcast will contain many things that you may have not known, realized, or believed to be true.  If so, then it will shake your foundations of belief and force you to look at things differently.

TRUTH is not for the timid or the weak, and it is rarely pleasant to hear.

However, I have dedicated my life to the truth and to finding out what is really going on out there instead of putting my head in the sand and denying it all.  I am happy for those who have chosen to wake up and take the journey of TRUTH with me.

This podcast is a real eye opener!  You will not be sorry you watched it.

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