How we win a battle is just as important as that we win the battle.  God our loving Father is always WATCHING and therefore would like to be consulted! 

Human beings that are being “sacrificed” right and left in order to win a battle is a Military Tactic that is not always a “godly” thing if those lives can be saved.

In Podcast 61, Luke and I talk about the spiritual side of the Great Awakening and WHY certain things are happening (and are being allowed to happen) right in front of us – and yet as this “MOVIE SHOW” moves ever forward – so many innocent people world wide are truly suffering (sick, tormented by frequency weapons, being bankrupted, experiencing Voice to Skull, can’t pay any of their bills, etc.) or even actually dying (the Jab) and the question that we are asking is:

Was all of this absolutely necessary to WIN the Battle?

Ultimately, Luke and I end up talking about this battle as a TIME WAR or a TEMPORAL WAR, which should never have happened in the first place and point out that the “blame” for this Temporal War goes straight back to Dark Military Arm of America who signed treaties with rogue ET’s/ED’s to try to solve a problem when they SHOULD have consulted God our loving Father FIRST.

Have they learned their lesson yet?  Or, are they still (as we speak) making the very same mistakes they did then?

Please watch Podcast 61 to find out!

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