Not for the faint of heart, this Podcast is going to stir the pot of controversy.  The question that this podcast will ask and then answer (if you listen to it) is HOW MUCH TRUTH CAN YOU HANDLE?

If you expect and suspect that you are fully AWAKE, and that you have gone down the RABBIT HOLE all the way, then you should have no trouble with this podcast as we dive really deep into the machinations of the Deep States attempts to create the New World Order – and Gods FINAL THOUGHTS on that issue.

God the real Creator of all that is – has decided enough is enough and sent VERY HIGH LEVEL SOULS onto the Earth to put a stop to all of the TIME LOOPING once and for all.

If you have “EYES TO SEE” and “EARS TO HEAR” and this Podcast makes total sense to you – then YOU (yes you) are a Volunteer Soul!  You were sent here on a Mission of Love.  If you can not hear or see the TRUTH of this podcast, and it makes no sense to you, then please don’t worry, you are simply one of the souls that have been SAVED by the HIGHER SOULS!


Welcome to Podcast 66…

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All my love


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