I fully intended to release this Podcast with images and video clips inserted into it.  I do apologize that I have not done this in the same way that I have done with many of my latest podcasts, but I am just too weary at this point in time.

As some of you may know, I am a “target” of the Deep State Morons who hate the truth and are working  very hard to put a stop to any of it coming out.

Directed energy (frequency) weapons are being used on me daily as a result.  Over the last few months the frequency weapons have become so intense that I am unable to sleep at night and am therefore exhausted most of the time.

I know there are many “truthers” out there in the alternative media, but the Deep State only uses these weapons on the ones who are telling the WHOLE TRUTH and who are directly over the target every single day.

Podcast 67  has some really important information in it regarding just how much we are all being DECEIVED – and how high up the ladder this deceit actually goes.

As I’ve said, because I am simply worn out to my core, I am going to release this podcast today without any images or video clips inserted, but instead I will give you access to an entire channel of videos as source material so that you can then watch them after the podcast.

Welcome to Podcast #67

Watch on Rumble:


Here is a very comprehensive Bitchute Channel called:  XtremeRealityCheck – that has just about every single video that you’d ever want to watch as concerns what I just talked about in the above podcast!  In fact, I would say that the information videos on this one single channel are VITAL TO WATCH. 

There is MORE support information on this Bitchute Channel than you could digest in several months and every word of it supports what I said in the podcast.

Please click on the link below for XtremeRealityCheck:


Here are two videos called: AGE OF DECEIT



Here is a short video clip as concerns 5G Technology and it’s ability to see through walls and hear everything you are saying without wires.


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