We, as God’s children have been given Freewill!  This means that we have the right to choose what we will do, both collectively and individually.

If and when we make BAD CHOICES or POOR CHOICES, then the result of those poor choices is what we call “evil”.   In other words evil is the consequence of making poor or unenlightened choices.

However, evil is not inevitable nor is it a part of God’s plan for us.

Some New Agers say that both light and dark are completely necessary as “YIN and YANG” and for this reason they conclude that God created all evil!

This is a completely wrong conclusion!

God created the LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT, which then creates consequences of learning for the poor choices that we make collectively and individually, but God does not, nor has HE ever created, hoped for, or wished for evil to happen to any of us.

Podcast #68 dives deeply into the idea that evil is necessary (or inevitable) and why this idea is flawed from the very start!

Please pay attention to this one, it’s important that you do.

Welcome to Podcast #68

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