Podcast #72  is probably one of the most important ones so far!  It dives deep into the core of an issue that most people just do not understand.  This core issue starts with a single really BIG question.

Is evil absolutely necessary? 

Many people think that evil is a very necessary part of our Earth experience so that we can all “learn” valuable lessons.  This conclusion however is based upon several extremely false doctrines that were written into books and traditions by the followers of Lucifer.

Many who are living on the Earth today, including the Freemasons, the followers of Lucifer, a good portion of New Agers, and even some very ardent Christians, have concluded that both “good” and “evil” are very necessary in order for the Earth to operate as God intended, but this is just not the case. 

It is only “choice” and “free-will” that are necessary in this grand game (because these were the gifts that were given to all beings in the Universe by God in the beginning) and it is through God’s own Laws of Cause and Effect that we as players in the game will experience good or evil (individually or collectively) as the result of our many choices.

It is conceivable that if we (or some other group of beings in the Universe) just happened to make ONLY good choices, then we would NEVER get any bad outcomes or consequences, and therefore we would NEVER see or experience any evil here on Earth.

Therefore it is quite safe to say that evil is not absolutely necessary in order to play this game, only the fact that we are presented with choices from which to choose.

The PROBLEM with this game (as it is now happening here on the Earth) is that it has been HI-JACKED by the followers of Lucifer for their own benefit and gain, and almost all “good” choices have been removed from the game board.

The only choices left to us therefore are “poor ones” (for which we most certainly experience evil).

If you want to know more about what is really going on here, then please pay close attention to this important podcast.

Welcome to Podcast #72

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For your benefit, here is a video link that I sent to Luke (the contents of which were discussed in the podcast).


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