Luke and I just finished recording Podcast #75 (probably one of the most important ones yet), and it will blow your mind.  This one is about A.I., and is a “must hear” Podcast.

I am not joking about this, and you will WANT to listen to this one and to make sure that you share it with as many of your family members as you possibly can!

It’s just THAT important!

However, BEFORE we publish the podcast, I am going to “assign”  (just like a school teacher would) some really important background study materials so that you can follow along with what I am saying in the podcast!

Please watch these videos first:

Watch on Bitchute:

If what is in the video above does not disturb you – then perhaps you are NO LONGER HUMAN!

And this:

Watch on Bitchute:

Here is some more necessary background info for Podcast #75:

Watch on Bitchute:

Here is more:

Watch on Bitchute:

And more:

Watch on Bitchute:

Five videos for now!  Please leave questions and comments in the comment section!

All my love


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