The second biggest LIE that was ever told by the followers of the “D”arkness was that “EVIL IS NECESSARY”.

The first lie was that “you too can be God”…, and that “Knowledge” is far better than Love for God or Love for the Creation!

This is the very lie that brought Atlantis to it’s knees 12,000 years ago AND eventually caused tyranny to show up on the 5th Density of our Galaxy about 350 to 500 years into our future!

An extremely seductive and well thought out fabrication of the darkside that has now been around for ages, there is an entire philosophy that was created around this idea which is even supported by (fake) “science”.  

This naturally is the same (fake) “science” that we were supposed to TRUST implicitly just before we all walked into the doctor’s office and got the JAB!   (Yea, that fake science)

In this very controversial podcast – I start to step on a lot of toes in the Luciferian and New Age arenas (lovingly of course) and try to correct an ancient error that has brought every single super advanced society and culture that has ever existed here on Earth to it’s knees!

It is a philosophy that is foreign to God and is not – repeat NOT – part of Gods plan for the Universe.

It is a “Magicians” misconception and a misdirection handed to us by beings who are extremely seductive, clever, and intelligent but also psychopathically INSANE!

This podcast is loaded with DEEP ESOTERIC WISDOM that is going to need a clear mind, a quiet room, and a warm cup of coffee to really enjoy to the fullest.

Buckle up for this one, you don’t want to miss it!!

Welcome to Podcast #79

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All my love


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