∞ 80 Podcasts

And…, just like God predicted, we are right on schedule!  

Furthermore, whether you think so or not – we are all on HIS schedule, and HE is in control.  Never doubt the Holy Spirit!  Never doubt that our Loving Father has us all in the palms of His hands.

There is (and always was) far more going on behind the scenes that you can imagine.


For better or for worse (depending on how well you have prepared) we are all here at this moment in time of a great transition.  This podcast will be a FINAL REVIEW of sorts before everything changes!  It will be a blessing for those who have faithfully and dutifully listened to all 80 podcasts and have really taken what was offered as the GIFT it was intended to be.

The Holy Spirit has been with me the entire time and I will not apologize for saying the words I have been asked to say!  You were given EVERYTHING you needed (and if you listened) you are prepared.

Here is the FINAL REVIEW before the change!

Welcome to Podcast #80

Listen on Rumble:


All my love…


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