This podcast really kicks it up a level!  You are now getting a University Level Education in Reality Creation!  The Podcasts are only going to get much deeper and more interesting from here on in!

So if you plan on watching any of the podcasts after Podcast #80 – here is what you need to know in advance.  From now on they will BUILD on top of one another.  In other words, you are going to NEED Podcast #81 if you want to listen to #Podcast 82 and so on.  Podcast #82 will start to tie Reality Creation to the Black Magic that the Deep State is using on all of us.

This one is really important, so please give a listen!

Welcome to Podcast#81

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I want everyone to know that I am doing my very best with these podcasts and also with what I am writing and sharing on Love Truth Site given the circumstances that I am living under.  There are DEW’s (Micro-Waves) being directed at my camper day and night and there are times when I feel that I am literally being fried alive!  It is sometimes hard to collect my thoughts properly and the Deep State is doing everything they can to make sure that YOU do not get to hear the TRUTH.

Please remember that they now have DNA technology (direct access to your physical body if they have your DNA or your genetic information) and they can simply send harmful frequencies that will hurt ONLY your body while no one else around you will even feel it.

This is why both Donald Trump and Q have said… “protect your DNA”…

This is the same type of harassment that Jean Haines was experiencing just before she finally gave up writing on her own website.  She told me over the phone that if she did not stop writing, she felt quite  certain that they would just kill her with frequencies.

I was very sad when she stopped working on her website and it did not take very long (only a few months) before her websites (both of them) were fully removed from the internet.

I will do everything in my power to continue to write, but I DO NEED your support!  Please help in any way you can.  It is very hard to carry the weight of helping humanity without support from people like you!

Again, All my love


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