We were LIED to and still ARE BEING lied to.

The most difficult pill to swallow is finding out that everything you thought was the truth was actually a LIE.

It is especially difficult because we make all of our most important decisions based upon what we believe the truth to be. 

IF (as it now turns out) everything we thought was truthful or real was actually fake, false, or a lie, then ALL OF OUR DECISIONS AND CHOICES (both individually and collectively) were made in error and we made those errors based upon faulty (fraudulent) information.

The fallout for each of us is that we unknowingly and unwittingly caused GREAT HARM to our own lives, the lives of other people, and to the entire world at large!

We did this because we were making extremely BAD CHOICES based upon bad, fake, and false information. 

(This is still happening as we speak!)

Love Truth Site has been indispensable over the last 9 years in helping to bring honest and TRUTHFUL INFORMATION back to humanity only so that new decisions and new choices could be made.

What we do with this truthful information will indicate what happens to all of us in the near and distant Future.

Is humanity really READY to know just how much it’s been LIED to over the years and if so, then what actions will we all take individually and collectively to change our lives?

PODCAST #86 asks us some really hard questions in this regard and it is finally time to face up to what is going on out there and make some necessary changes to how we live.


All my love


As you know, over the last 3 to 6 months I have been under a directed frequency attack!  It was extremely harmful to my health and I am doing my best to write and regain my health.  The Deep State is still using exotic weapons (as you well know) and those of us who tell the MOST TRUTH are under the most attack.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding while I work through a period of recuperation.


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