WE are Creator Beings!  We have been given the Freewill to choose by the One Creator of it All. 

Circumstances and Outcomes are merely the reflection of choices that have already been made.  They are the crop…, they are the harvest of the seeds that have already been sown.  Poor choices lead to poor outcomes.  Sometimes poor choices lead to outcomes that can have effects far into the future.

The Great Creator asks us to LEARN as part of our Souls growth.

Just as any real parent wants, God wants us all to learn and to grow up!  We learn about creation by planting seeds and seeing what comes out of that planting.  The “harvest” is a very real thing in Spiritual Terms.  It is something that every man, woman, and child must experience in order to comprehend their own ability to create! 

We must all come to understand that what we see happening around us is happening because WE put it there!

We learn individually, as families, as groups, as nations, and even as entire species.  We learn both individually AND collectively.  We plant seeds individually AND collectively.

Therefore we can (and we will) experience individual and group consequences and outcomes.

Individual “Americans” cannot escape the consequences and the outcomes of seeds that were planted by other “Americans” because we are all part of that certain group called Americans.

The very same goes for every other country on Earth.



It comes from the highest level of love!  It is a teaching and a warning. The subject matter is about advanced technology and what God allows it to be used for!  It is about our collective growth and our collective journey as souls into being responsible for every single thing we do.

Even the highest level souls must take responsibility for what they do in this Universe.  No one is exempt, not even God’s highest Angels!  Souls that create advanced technologies MUST take responsibility for that technology and what it can do – even if that technology is left unattended and then abused thousands of years after they are gone…, the ones who created the technology are still held RESPONSIBLE for what it is doing because THEY CREATED IT.

This podcast was originally recorded in May of 2023.  It was supposed to be Podcast 77!  Once it was recorded, the Holy Spirit asked me not to release it yet, and to just hold onto it.  So Luke and I recorded a second Podcast 77, and put this one aside.

Today, the Holy Spirit gave permission for this Podcast to be released and Luke and I have renamed it Podcast 93!  It is an extremely WELL DONE Podcast.  It is filled with information and a gift to humanity!  I hope you will listen to it many times and really learn from it!


Please listen on Rumble:

For some background information into the subject of advanced technologies, and what the militaries of the world are currently doing behind the scenes, I am offering this interview between Michael Salla and Elena Danaan.

It is fair to say that I do not agree with everything that Miss Danaan says, but instead simply ask you to listen to what she is saying with an open mind.

I am also offering this interview between Michael Salla and a man named JP who claims to be involved with the United States military.

Finally, here is a very interesting video about the face and body of Jesus Christ showing up on film inside of people cameras who never actually took the pictures.

Thank you to all of my loyal readers, followers, and listeners.  God most certainly loves all of you very dearly.

I love you as well!

Be at Peace





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