If you are extremely tired of seeing all of the evil things that are happening around you, and are desperate for things to CHANGE, and yet cannot understand WHY nothing appears to be changing, then you need to listen to this latest podcast!

In it, Luke and I take a very DEEP DIVE into “magnetics” and “harmonics” in order to explain once and for all (and very clearly) WHY all of the systems that we are living under world wide are corrupt.


The truth of the matter is that the “CORPORATE SYSTEM” is a system of evil.


It is a system that was specifically put into place a very long time ago in order that it could be used in the present day to fully and totally enslave the world.

In the next 90 minutes, I will lay out just a few of the larger pieces of a very big puzzle and then try to connect them for you so that you can see the larger picture without having a very complicated puzzle to look at.

I also want to add here that REAL TRUTH is sometimes very hard to look at, and is very hard to hear especially if we’ve heard and been taught nothing but lies all our lives. 

So please keep an open mind and just realize that what I am describing in the podcast fits together perfectly on the level of harmonics and magnetics – which are hidden levels that we can’t normally see! 

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t understand what I am trying to show you in this podcast – it is actually difficult stuff, and comes from a higher level.

Please join us for this very important podcast!

Listen on Rumble:

All my love.


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