This podcast concerns the New Age and some of it’s most basic teachings about “non-judgement”.  For some people, this information is going to be very hard to hear.  I get that, and so I will simply give you all fair warning. 

TRUTH is sometimes very difficult to hear, especially if what you thought was true for so long turns out to be a lie, or turns out to be a con that had another agenda entirely behind it that was hidden.

In addition, this podcast will be my first attempt at a Deep Dive based upon a single article that I wrote several days ago! 

That article can be found here:


If you want to follow along as the podcast moves forward, then you will have some visual aids to look at! 

Also, I would like everyone to realize that every article I’ve ever written – (over 5,000 articles by now) – could just as easily have a 2 or 3 hour Deep Dive Podcast done on each one of them. 

Just because these articles can be read in a mere 10 or 15 minutes of your time – does not mean there is not a far deeper meaning and a far more in depth explanation that could go along with each of them that might just make them more clear for you.

However, God “asked” me to write!  Not to make videos!

Most likely because people can get the TRUTH in small doses each and every day with posts and articles that can be read in 10 or 15 minutes of time.

Videos sometimes take an hour or two to watch – and God wanted to make sure that everyone had a chance to see and read the message that was being put out on Love Truth Site, no matter how little time they had each day.

This blog ALSO is blessed with a “translation application” so that people who come here to read can immediately translate what I write into their own language!  This makes the “message” more available to people from all over the world!

Finally, I do sincerely apologize for the sound quality on these podcasts! 

Luke and I do the very best we can with basic easy to use tools and a simple internet connection. 

I do know and realize that many times the sound quality on these podcasts is not very good.  There is also a lot of “buffering” that takes place where the connection pauses, and my voice will suddenly sound very hurried and fast, or there will be gaps in what I have just said which can be frustrating when listening to the podcast – but these are just technical issues with the recording process that I have no control over.

Because of my current situation, I have to do things in this way in order to stay safe and to stay alive. 

You need to realize that we are fighting a real battle against very dark forces, and I am getting NO HELP in bringing you this important information except from two very wonderful souls who joined my team (Luke and Bernie) a year and a half ago after I was almost killed.

They have basically dedicated themselves to bringing you these messages as a service to you!

Regardless of the sound quality – the content of the Podcasts is very important and relevant to what we are all going through!  This is why I keep doing them in spite of the problems that we face.

Two of the virtues that God loves the very most are:


He does not like when people quit or give up due to technical issues.  Therefore, in spite of the problems, I continue to do this work to Honor God the Loving Father, and to honor all of you!

This being said, here is the podcast:

Listen on Rumble:

All my love

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