ALL NEW – “MUST HEAR PODCAST”  – (For Adults Only)

This latest Podcast (by far) is one of the most important podcasts that you’ll ever listen to!

It is one of the best and most informative Podcast that Luke and I have done to date. The subject matter is for adults only, so please don’t allow children anywhere near it.  It involves two very important subjects that are affecting every single one of us – Black Magic and Mind Control.

This podcast is going to be a precursor for what Luke and I will be discussing next week, which will be about the Ancient Sciences of Harmonics and Magnetics – and how these two sciences both “relate” back to Black Magic and Mind Control – and to those hidden things being done to us in the world today.

We will also discuss in this podcast, and even more in next weeks podcast, how every single “system” that we all live under has been created by the Luciferian Hierarchy only so that they could be eventually used to create a New World Order/Global Government that was all under the control of Lucifer.

So Heads Up!    You really don’t want to miss this podcast!

Once you’ve listened to it, please share the link with friends and family, or as many people that you can think of who would want to hear this important information.

Listen on Rumble:


All my love.

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