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I picked this up on KP’s website!   I’ve watched the entire thing (since I never discount anything until I’ve seen it, and try not to post any videos until I’ve personally vetted them.)

Both David Wilcock and Corey Goode (in my opinion) are part of an establishment effort (if you will) …, but a very SMALL part of the establishment…, to bring out SOME TRUTH…, while holding alot of other stuff back.

David and Corey (in the last two years) have been given access to alot of sensitive information…, because they are willing to “disclose things” in a very controlled manner…, which is the way the military always does things.

In truth…, I think that David Wilcock has such a large ego…, he just can’t imagine that he may be being “used” by a military group that has a large “history” of psychologically manipulating people by “pandering” to their weaknesses.

David’s weakness is that he wants to be seen as the “god of disclosure”…, and loves the attention that it brings him.

In fact…, if you look very closely…, the “militaries fingerprints” are all over what both David and Corey are doing, and I’m surprised that more people don’t see it.

This requires us to remember (of course) that there are many “FACTIONS” inside the establishment…, and some of them DON’T want ANY of this put out, which is why David (and Corey) can claim they are being attacked for doing this work.

Everyone who is intimately involved in disclosure is being “attacked” for doing this work!

“I” …, am being “attacked” for doing this work…, and I’ve never even seen a Blue Avian.

The biggest reason that I see that David Wilcock has been, and is being “USED” for this task (by this more moderate faction) is that he is very willing to “BEG” for the forgiveness PUBLICALLY for those who have done countless monstrous things to humanity in the past…, and have now come to the conclusion that their “very souls” are on the line if they don’t change their approach.

They really ARE terrified of what is going to happen to them…, but can not bring themselves to just come out with what they have been up to…, and NEED people like Corey Goode and David Wilcock to be their FRONTMEN!

They come out with tiny bits of information…, while at the same time…, BLASTING the public over and over with the idea that we MUST FORGIVE ALL OF THIS!

Which is the ONLY reason they are being used as the Frontmen!

These “men” (behind David Wilcock and Corey Goode) are terrified of what kind of KARMA and PUNISHMENT they will get for what they have done…, and are trying to “buy their way back into heaven” after the fact!

I really don’t know how much of the Blue Avian thing (if any) can be believed.

However…, I’m posting this material becuase there is “enough” of what David is saying in this video that I have personally researched and have verified from OTHER SOURCES…, which gives me confidence that I can repost this one video and say that at least Part of it is basically TRUTHFUL.

I am sensitive that there are “tons” of people who want to “believe” in Blue Avians…, and that is okay…, if that is where you are at.

David does point out that there are many examples of Blue Bird like races having visited the Earth.

This being said…, here is David Wilcock’s video…, posted with certain Reservations!

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  1. I’m not sure what to make of all of this. It sure is entertaining. The last time I followed David Wilcock was during his financial disclosure articles when he stated that mass arrests of the bankers were imminent. I had a dream that told me if this didn’t happen within 2 weeks of his statement then it wasn’t going to happen. Since that time I haven’t followed him. (I have the date and details of my dream in my journal).

  2. I, too, believe David and Corey are being used, manipulated. I also we are long past forgiving or sending love to any Dark/evil factions. Us sending anything is us losing our energy thus feeding them. If one would pay attention closely, it is discernible. We may notice it in our gut or chest, a feeling thar something is just not right. The Dark need our energy and we allow them to use us and deplete us through our lack of discernment and poor or nonexistent boundaries.

    Most channelings I have followed are being manipulated. If one listens carefully it’s easy to discern. Calling for sending love and light, having unconditional love and forgiveness, appeals to “heal” the dark, promises of Ascension or an Event, all red flags of channeling Dark.

    We are not to be in service to the dark, to help the dark, to heal the dark. That’s like donating precious and needed funds to a corrupt charitable organization. They lead you to believe they are doing good work but screw you every time.

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