By: Bradley

Time for me to share just one of my MANY e-mails with my readers!

This one is from:, With a date of June 19, 2018.

I’m not certain if that is even a real e-mail address, but that is how it appears in my in box…, so that is all I have to go on!

It was in response to something that I had written concerning my own computer being “hacked” after I wrote BIGGER FISH TO FRY – NINETEEN!

The e-mail reads like this:

They attacked my laptop in May 2016.
I was chatting with a friend on the internet when I was blocked from that website.
And suddenly I could see that my anti-virus software had stopped working and a warning flashed up on the screen.
I got very cross about that and this was what I did about it:
I put a request upstairs. (A prayer)
I said someone has attacked my computer – and there is a consciousness behind it.
I asked for the kingpin behind the attack to be caught and tried.
I am not interested in the minion who did the work but the boss who’s ultimately behind the attack.
I asked that this being be tried for all his crimes, not just for attacking my computer, but also for all the pain that he had caused to others.
I also asked that it should receive the most appropriate sentence up to and including soul dissolution.
I repeated my petition again before I went up to bed and here’s the notes of my dreams that took place during the night:
I saw a large message on my laptop screen which is coloured pink
[This is similar to what I saw earlier on in the evening when I found a warning that my laptop had been infected with a virus.]
My car has been impounded
I had parked it somewhere and it was taken away.
I was told to walk down a long path which sloped quite steeply down to a canal or river.
When I got there, I saw a small red car floating in the water.
It was similar to my old red car but it was not my car.
There is a woman inside the car.
I also see other cars in the river but none was my car.
I saw some food containers floating on the water which belonged to me.
The food inside was not damaged and still edible.
I ate some of the food and I shared it with others.
I asked where is my car
I was told that it is not damaged and I have to return to the other place to get it back
“Your car is not damaged and your food is intact.”
Someone later in my dream came to say sorry.
He also said I should offer clemency and forgiveness first
I then saw Bill Clinton
He questioned if it was appropriate to petition upstairs (to pray) for such a severe punishment
He suggested that I should not ask for such a penalty on a first offence and he asked me to withdraw my request.
This was the end of my dream.
Firstly, I should point out that dreams are symbolic.
So it wasn’t Bill Clinton who was talking to me.
I think whoever was doing the talking was someone who was as skilled at smooth talking as Bill Clinton is reputed to be. (Astral Being)
I think the cabal wanted me to have a ‘3 strikes and you are out’ policy for their antics.
But I wasn’t having any of that.
They don’t get any free attacks on me.
If I let them get away without retaliating, I’d be trashed every way till Sunday.
The car obviously represented my laptop.
Before I went to bed, I had tried to fix the problem and I had left a scan running on the laptop.
I am a total klutz with computers so I doubt I had fixed the problem myself.
In the morning, the scan revealed nothing and my laptop was back to running normally again.
Now I cannot guarantee that my tactic will work for you Bradley
Nor can I recommend that you try it for yourself.
I am in a special situation – probably even unique .
It’s quite possible that if you start to get aggressive with them, you might get slammed really hard to teach you not to get uppity with them.
And they can get extremely nasty if they think they can get away with it.
So far, they haven’t managed to get me because of my very unusual circumstances.
Best wishes to you Bradley


For those of you who have not read BIGGER FISH TO FRY – PART NINETEEN…

You might what to see what it has to do with BILL and HILLARY CLINTON!!

And why someone writing an article like it, might suddenly get a trojan or a “hack” on their computer”!

Fortunately…, this lady knew exactly what to do “MAGICALLY” when her own computer was “hacked” and immedaitely held the perpetrators who had done so fully accountable THROUGH PRAYER!

The attack was immedaitely stopped…, and an apology came to her as a result!

I wonder what would happen to the “CABAL” if every single man, woman and child HELD THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR EVERY DARK ACTION THEY EVER TOOK??




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