By: Bradley Loves


Just because Donald Trump is President here and now…, does not mean the left has stopped planning for the future!   YOUR FUTURE!

Getting out ahead of anything that they think might be a problem for them in the near future…, they are TAKING REAL ACTIONS NOW!!!!

(So what kinds of “actions” are YOU taking?)


For instance:

Just in case the Supreme Court goes back to a Conservative Majority…, and ROE vs. WADE gets over turned…, a liberal judge (in a totally planned move) has ruled that you don’t have to be a doctor in order to perform an abortion!!

Judge Says You Don’t Need to be a Doctor To Perform an Abortion

So much for the health and safety of women

You see…, as SATANISTS, there is a huge need for the killing of little babies to continue!  They must have constant death and blood being spilled here in America in order to feed their DEMONIC LOWER ASTRAL ALLIES…, so that these beings can continue to manipulate “time and space” for them and “keep” them in power.

So…, if Roe vs. Wade is overturned…, this judge has just ruled that ANYONE can now legally perform an abortion!

Problem solved…, real world action taken (in advance).


Also…, in order to further remind the American people that “the Christian God” is no longer welcome here in America…, Nancy Pelosi had this man, Omar Suleiman give the opening prayer for the US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES:

Omar Suleiman, an imam and president of the Yaqeen Institute, delivered the invocation at the invitation of his congresswoman, Democratic Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas, according to the Jewish Telegraph Agency. Republican New York Rep. Lee Zeldin, who is Jewish, decried the invitation in light of the fact that Suleiman has repeatedly called for a third Intifada against Israel, referred to Jews as “Zionists” and called them “enemies of God,” and defended the terrorist organization Hamas on social media.

Never Forget: CAIR’s Dirty Deeds


CAIR Founded By Terrorists –

“We Know The Founders Of CAIR Are HAMAS Operatives”

Ilhan Omar to speak at banquet for group known for terrorist group support –

CAIR has a long history of affiliation with Hamas and Hezbollah. It was reportedly a co-conspirator in the largest terrorist financing case in US history, which went unindicted.

Yep, these Liberal/Satanist/Progressives are really TAKING ACTIONS daily and getting out ahead of the curve!  I wonder what all of the so-called “GOOD MEN” are doing on the other side of the Isle??


Yep…, its “nap time” for all of the so called SPIRITUAL PEOPLE…, namely “New Agers” and “One Day A Week Christians”  aka the O-DAWK’s

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