It’s becoming pretty obvious that the days of Federal Reserve System hegemony are now limited, in that much of the world is dumping the US Petro Dollar and plans to shift to direct trade and use of Gold, Silver and commodity-backed real currencies.

Everyday more and more Americans that didn’t already know are now finding out that the Federal Reserve System is a private corporation, owned by foreign “Bloodline” families, and is neither Federal nor a Bank.

They are finding out it is a private corporation, a franchisee of the privately owned Bank of London located in the City of London, a private Khazarian Mafia nation-state with its own ambassadors and police.

The City of London is not a part of the UK and pays no taxes to England.

It was infiltrated and completely hijacked by the Rothschild Banking family by use of some crafty covert operations.

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Once again…, I will be doing “commentary” on what Dr. Preston James says in this article.

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