By: Bradley Loves

This will be a continuation of the last article!  This one is for Lauren!


Prime Creator does not wish to remove Freewill!  Instead…, it is our duty to use our Freewill in ways that support life…, and help us to grow!

Earth (this planet) is in a very “peculiar” position as far as having such “renegades” operating behind the scenes…, and basically “steering” our collective thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and cultures.

Because we are being “lied to” every day of our lives…, we have NO IDEA what is true and what is not any longer.  The “regressives” have complete control of the system we live our lives in.

It is a faulty system that has been “custom made” to turn us into robots and batteries…, in order for them to use their “very ancient” and esoteric knowledge to steal and redirect ALL OF OUR ENERGY to support their fictitious realms, and dark realities…, which are not part of Prime Creator’s plan.

Let’s get clear about what I mean by our “system”.

On Earth we have “systems” that direct and control the way we do things here!

  1. We have the Church and the Religious “systems”.
  2. We have the Government and the political “systems”.
  3. We have the Banks and the financing “systems”.
  4. We have the Schools and the education “systems”.
  5. We have the Media and the information “systems”.
  6. We have Hollywood and the entertainment “systems”.

We have all of these systems that are already in place…, and basically “directing” how, why, when, and where we do anything upon our planet.

All of these systems could be bunched up into one gigantic SYSTEM that runs our planet!

Let’s even give this SYSTEM a name!

Let’s call it the:  SYSTEM OF STUPID

It is the entirety of the way things are getting done on Earth.

What most people do not understand…, is that this system (THE SYSTEM OF STUPID) was specially “created” just for us!

Over  long centuries and even millennia…, very slowly, all of parts and pieces of our current day system (the entirety of the way we do things here on Earth) was painstakingly put into place by these “regressives”.

Because they have the capacity of TIME TRAVEL…, it would not be hard for them to jump back and forth IN TIME…, working with certain people here…, and working with certain people there…, just like an artist would put paint on a canvas.

A little here…, a little there,  a little screwing around in this time period…, and little screwing around in that time period…, and viola’…, you have DARK ART!

The: SYSTEM OF STUPID…, which includes all of the ways in which we “do things” here in this time…,  has been given to us by the regressives  BECAUSE every part of it SUPPORTS their dark agenda!

Let me repeat that…, everything we do here on Earth (supposedly of our own freewill…,) supports their dark agenda!


We have been “trained” …, (like dogs) to not only create and maintain our own enslavement (for their benefit)…, we have also been trained to give up as much of our energies to their “harvesting” techniques as we can manage…, and still walk around without falling down!

We are being TOTALLY USED…, in almost every way imaginable!

THE SYSTEM OF STUPID…, has been set up to keep this going on indefinitely.

Now…, as I’ve said…, this has been set up over hundreds and thousands of years…, so that we were CONNED into giving our consent (freely) to support the SYSTEM OF STUPID.

We are the ones who both feed and nourish it by taking it’s orders, and following them to the letter!

MARK PASSIO has said this over and over again.

ORDER FOLLOWERS keep the system of slavery in place! (remember those words?)

Well, in line with my article…, we could say this:

ORDER FOLLOWERS keep the system of stupid in place! (same difference.)

What he can see (very clearly) and I can see (very clearly) but what almost no one else sees…, is that WE ( by living our daily lives in the way “they” have taught us to since childhood) are actually hurting and killing ourselves, while running their slavery system.

What NO ONE wants to hear…, and what NO ONE has the courage to face up to…, is WE have to STOP following their rules and STOP following their orders if we wish to save ourselves.

The “change” is too big!  It’s too traumatic!  It’s too monumental to even think about for most people.

Like dogs on a leash…, they have been trained to drink from a bowl on the ground!  When you tell them that is silly and they don’t need to do that…, they get angry at you for saying that the way they get their food is incorrect.

You see how insidious these “regressives” really are?  They came here knowing that most of the souls were “young” souls.  They knew they would not have the strength of knowledge, nor the understanding to figure out what was happening to them.

So they “sewed” the seeds of utterly deceptive philosophies, religions, legal jargon, and ways of doing things until we are where we are at today…, and the whole world is being run by:  THE SYSTEM OF STUPID.

The only way out (for us) is to get off the merry go round!

There is NO REAL WAY to change stupid.  It’s like having a square tire on your car…, there is NO WAY to make the square tire a better square!

The only thing you CAN DO…, and please here this…, if you get nothing else from this article…, the ONLY thing you can do is to REMOVE the square tire totally and put on a round one!

That means that the whole (in it’s entirety) SYSTEM OF STUPID has to go!

And everyone who hears this will argue there must be another way.

You see…, within the “system” (the system of stupid) there are an awful lot of “winners”…, people who have done EVERYTHING they were told…, and have followed every ludicrous RULE that was given to them.   They worked (SLAVED) very hard…, and got ahead in the “game”.


Too many people with stocks and bonds…, and bank accounts and 401 K’s, mutual funds, homes that are paid for, etc, etc, etc,… all have a “stake” in the system of stupid…, and want to see it continue.

Naturally…, this WAS DONE purposefully by the regressives.  They constructed their slavery system in exactly the right manner, and slowly over time trained us to DEPEND upon the very thing that was killing us.

This is why we are “waiting” for Disclosure and have been waiting and will continue to WAIT for a very long time! (unless something changes)

Too many men and women at the very top have been ARGUING for months, years, and even decades…, as to just how much of the SYSTEM OF STUPID to get rid of and how much to keep.

What they fail to realize…, because they just don’t know (due to the lies) is that the “system” is feeding their enslavers.

Because keeping a lot of it will help those who have benefited from it.

So…, what they are really arguing about is how to make the SQUARE TIRE work better…, but NOT PUT A ROUND ONE ON THE CAR…., JUST YET.

Because “they” only benefit if the square one is left on.  And you’d be surprised at just how many human beings who are NOT part of the Illuminati want to do just that!

Now…, here’s the thing!


Honest to God we could!  We out number them!  All we have to do is to stand up and say NO…, we no longer consent to ANY OF IT.

You and your regressive pals are DONE HERE!

Prime Creator would support us!  And, so would alot of other “good” ET’s.

But…, it’s our planet…, AND…, it’s our FREEWILL!


They know we are catching on to their scam…, so…, the lies, the deceptions, and the CONS (false flags) have been kicked into over drive to distract us from coming together.

Its that simple.

Its their only tactic is to keep us apart!

The “other problem” is the NEW AGE!

Much of the NEW AGE has been given to us by the REGRESSIVES as an alternative “trap” to the older religious “trap” which was no longer working.

These men and women of the NEW AGE are bickering back and forth about who “channeled this” and who “channeled that”…, when most of it is BUNK…, and all it achieves is to further separate us.

What is the worst about the NEW AGE however are the channeled messages that tell us to sit back…, do nothing…, surrender to it all…, and let it all happen without judgement!

This is the perfect recipe for the NEW WORLD ORDER TAKEOVER!

(Just “give in” to all of it….)

My advice is to say NO TO ALL OF IT!  Do not consent to the rules, the regulations, the orders and the directives of the SYSTEM OF STUPID!

Because that system…, is the system of YOUR ENSLAVEMENT!

My best friends….., Think on these things….

All my love…






















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