By: Bradley Loves

This one is for “Michelle”.  She asked, and so I will answer.

Prime Creator is the original Creator!  It is SOURCE!

This is where all life and good comes from!  It is the “life” and the “energy” of all that is…, or all that exists.

We can breath, think, and live…, because we are connected directly to PRIME CREATOR’s existence!

All energy comes from this SOURCE!

This energy in the 3rd dimension is pure, raw electricity!

The human body is an energy transducer…, meaning it takes the energy of source…, “steps it down” and then makes it available to us on a much more limited and acceptable basis.

The total energy of SOURCE would literally “fry” a human being who was not ready to experience it.

However, it is much more than electricity!  It is also pure, raw intelligence!  It KNOWS everything…, because it is everywhere.

It is total knowledge because it is connected to everything!  It is complete and total.

PRIME CREATOR is your best friend!  PRIME CREATOR is your greatest ally!

You can talk to him/her/it and be heard!

The TROUBLE with what we are going through in our HISTORY NOW has to do with “regressives” and “renegades”!

We were in fact given FREEWILL by Source as the greatest gift that could ever have been given.

In order to do that…, PRIME CREATOR had to create a “playing” field within which a “choice” could be made.

In other words…, FREEWILL is not FREEWILL if there are safety nets and training wheels in place.

For the “longest” time…, everything was wonderful…, and all of the choices being made were choices the made the whole much better!  FREEWILL was seen as the great gift it was.

Then tragedy occurred.

Many of the souls that were “using” PRIME CREATORS power of creation got so “enamored” of themselves…, that they actually “forgot” that every time they “created” something…, it was HIS  POWER that was doing it.

They (in their cleverness) thought themselves equal to GOD (PRIME CREATOR).

As “equals” they wanted HIS POWER…, as well as FREEWILL!

This was the start of the DARK SIDE.

They knew they could never be “equal” to GOD if they were using “his power”…, so they disconnected” themselves from him as their source!

BUT…, as you can guess…, that created specific problems for them since now they needed raw “power” in order to manifest and create!

They devised a way to get the power they needed by sucking it out of every corner of creation…, THROUGH DECEPTION!

Remember…, FREEWILL was and is still in place.

Prime Creator could always have “stopped” this by REMOVING FREEWILL.

But that would mean removing the greatest gift he’d ever thought of and ever given.

He refuses to do this!

Instead…, he has given us “help” in the form of teachers and guides who come to Earth to tell us that we are still loved and need to wake up to the problem.

The DARKSIDE immediately distorts these messages and uses them against the very people they were meant to help.

I wrote about this in the GREAT CON OF MAN!

Nothing…, and I mean NOTHING can be done to us without our consent…, the problem is that these “regressives” and “renegades” have had the use of SUPER ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY…, which includes TIME TRAVEL, TELEPORTATION, and Looking Glass (Chronovisor) technology and “yellow cube” technology which allows the users to see FUTURE POSSIBLITIES and FUTURE EVENTS.

As you can guess…, (just like the bullies they are) they pick on the weakest planets where the youngest souls live…, who can be very easily DECIEVED into using their own FREEWILL against them, and actually help by agreeing to create the very prison that steals everything from them.

Thus it becomes very hard to “fight” these regressives because they’ve stacked the deck in their favor.


They are mounting their “attack” on the Universe by using the “harvested” energy of human beings to fuel the engines of their DARK REALITIES.

PRIME CREATOR is still hoping that these “regressives” will come back to common sense and realize that they can not exist outside of him…, but they want to BE GOD.

It is the ultimate “rotten” and “ungrateful” child story…, if there ever was one.

Everything happening here on the Earth is part of the darks DECEPTION that helps them to keep a very firm “hold” on our world as a major “source” of their raw battery power.

And…, as long as “WE” do not say no…, and simply go along with it…, they will claim that WE used our FREEWILL to join up with their cause!

I will write more…, if you ask…

All my love…








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