By: Bradley Loves


It all starts on a “mental” level or what many Ancient Mystery Schools called the Causal Level.

Aptly named…, the “Causal Level” of creation is the place of first cause for anything that might end up in the physical world.

The Causal Plane of Existence is a totally mental level where those beings who live and exist there full time, are made up of “energy” bodies.   These bodies are not Astral.., and they are not physical…, but beyond both.

Those beings are able to create anything at the speed of thought!  Because it is a purely “energetic” realm…, everything they could want and need, comes into existence in the very same moment they think of it!

Natually, those who live in the Causal Level must have already LEARNED long ago how to control their own thoughts and their own thinking…, only because the moment they THINK something…, it happens.

So the process of CREATION on the Causal Level is simply “thinking it”.

Those are the rules for that level…, and it works every time!

The next step down from the Causal Level is the Astral Level!

This level is divided into many parts…, some of which are really good…, and some of which are really bad.

Some of the beings (but not all) that live on the Astral Level have bodies that look like ours…, but are made up of much finer substance.  They are not physical…, but they do “look” physical.

These bodies are made of non-physical substances that are more like “light”, but still act and behave in certain ways that mimic what we think of as physical.

Parts of the Astral Realm are exceedingly beautiful…, while other parts are very, very controlled by the dark.

Beings living on the Astral Level can not and do not create at the speed of thought!

One more step is required!   That second step is using:  THE WORD!

Word…, is this sense means SOUND!    Or…, even better put VIBRATIONS.

The is where all of those Cymatics Videos really will come in handy for those who have watched them.

For those of you who remember…, simply by adding a “tone” or “vibration” to a powdered, liquid, or other type of medium…, simple geometric shapes were able to occur when affected by SOUND or VIBRATION.

You could see these shapes with your own eyes.

So creation on the ASTRAL LEVEL is a two step process…., not just one.

First you must THINK of what you want…, and then you add THE WORD…, or the SOUND VIBRATION in order to “manifest” what you want.

This is how things get manifested on the Astral Level.

These are the rules for this level…, and they work every time!

The next step down from the Astral Level is the Physical Level that we are currently living in.

We all know what this level looks like… (No secrets here to reveal).

Creation on this level is a THREE STEP PROCESS.

This is called the HOLY TRINITY of    THOUGHT, WORD and DEED.

  • The first step of creation on the physical level is to think of what you want to create!
  • The next step of creation on the physical level is to speak clearly in your words what that creation should be. ( Sound Vibration Matters)
  • The Final step of creation on the physical level is to take positive physical action that is in line with your thoughts…, and with your words.

You must take ACTION!  This action must be in line with your thoughts and your words, or no creation/manifestation will occur.

These are the rules for this level…, and they work every time!

In order to sabotage our ability to create or to manifest…, the DARK OVER LORDS of the lower 4th dimensional level have put out a HUGE CON in order to trick us into never using our power.

First…, they changed all of the languages which contained real “VIBRATIONAL POWER”.  You see.., when speaking an Ancient Language…, those sound vibrations had the very same affect that you saw in the CYMATIC VIDEOS.   The proper sounds applied to matter will create geometry!  But only if we use the ANCIENT LANGUAGES.

So by confounding and changing the words we use to talk about things…, the very words we are using…, are actually creating the opposite affect of what we want.

Now…, this does not stop the process totally…, since the MIND is so powerful…, that if kept up long enough the UNIVERSE will understand what you want anyway.

Confounding language only slows the process down.

Therefore…, the final part of the three step process in CREATION/MANIFESTATION was totally deleted from the formula.

That final part was TAKING ACTION!

In this way…, our ability to escape the PRISON that was put in place for us…, was taken from us.

The prison we are locked in is a FREQUENCY PRISION!   All that it takes to get out of the prison are if enough of us (the people) start using the proper:  THOUGHTS, WORDS (SOUNDS), and DEEDS.

Once enough people do this…, the walls of the frequency prison will (MUS) totally collapse!

This is why the CHANNELED ENTITIES (Lowever Astral Level Over Lords) are LYING TO US CONSTANTLY.

They want to keep us in this prison…, and they want to keep us totally dependent on them.

Sorry New Agers…., YOU’VE BEEN CONNED.





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