By: Bradley Loves


Here is where I must start to speculate…, and will take educated guesses based upon what I am both experiencing and seeing happening around us.

We are no longer in the “original” or “organic” Timeline as it first occurred!   This is an opinion…, but a well thought out one!

We are in a “variant” or a “version” that was never really “intended” to occur…, and had NOTHING to do with “mankind’s” collective choices!

This much, I am certain of!!

Even though there was always a decietful group of deviants wanting to worship Lucifer…, and wanted to “imagine” that by worshipping that being…, an entire planet such as Earth could be brought into a dark reality.., were fools to ever think it was going to happen!

At least NOT ever going to happen “organically”.., and by FREEWILL choice of those living here…, because reality is collectively created.., and the thoughts and desires of every man, woman and child are always taken into account!

In this way…, the “numbers” were never with them mathematically!

No matter HOW much “magic” they used, or how many “sacrifices” they performed.

The beginning of our LONG nightmare (in my opinion) started when the USA Corporation (in some earlier time-line) discovered teleportation and time travel!

Where and how it happened are up for debate…, but in this “time-line” it happened as a result of Tesla’s work and the work of the Navy earlier in WWII.

My opinion is that when ever it actually “happened” (in this current time-line), vital information was sent out in such a way so that certain “groups” who were expecting it to occur, got there and were able to intercept…, or at the very least, steal the technology.

Even though many men and women who operate in the military are above board, and took great care to be certain that this technology was never used to actually change time.., they could never control those others who already had taken the technology away from them without their knowing it.

And thus began the TIME LINE WARS.

Those men of Secret Satanic Societies…, the “Dark Brotherhoods” of Lucifer…, (in my opinion) knew they would NEVER be able to achieve their goal of a Luciferian One World Government!

I believe they had been trying to do this over and over, ever since the days of Babylon, and were unable to establish such a dark order of society.., and each time they got close…, the masses simply rose up to destroy them.

The Luciferians believe in using MAGIC for the sake of magic…, not for the sake of mankind!    They believe in power for the sake of power…, and in their minds…, ONLY the most powerful men should rule!

Part of their dark magic includes the use of demons and astral beings!

They empower these astral beings through Ritual Child Sacrifice…, and Ritual Child Rape, and the drinking of human blood!

They do this however in order to GAIN FAVOR from these entities (by feeding them) in exchange for help with Earthly goals!

They have had to hide in secret throughout the ages…, (at least since Babylon) and have lived in fear of reprisal from the common man…., the last example of which was the French Revolution where many Dark Magicians lost their heads!

And why NOT?

What gives these Luciferians the right to steal and ritually sacrifice an innocent child, ONLY to gain favor from an Astral Demon for a purely selfish human goal??


The point here however…, is that I honestly believe it was the DARK BROTHERHOOD that got hold of the Time-Travel/Quantum Access Technology.

With such a “POWER” in their hands…, they set about achieving an ANCIENT GOAL that had been denied them (with good reason) over and over again for thousands of years!

That goal was to create the fertile ground for a complete take over of surface humanity…, and the seating of a demon god LUCIFER upon the throne of the world!

They hoped to achieve TOTAL CONTROL of those they felt were both weak and “useless” human beings…, since only those who seek magic and power are worthwhile humans in their opinion!

They hoped to “change society” in such a way so that they could once again bring forth “Ritual Child Sacrifice” and “Ceremonial Child Rape” into the open and have it accepted by society!

This WAS (by the way) how it was in the ancient days, when adults used to sacrifice their own children to Molock (it’s in the Bible…, look it up…)

It is my opinion that this “BROTHERHOOD” has USED the Time Travel/Quantum Access technology to this end, and is STILL AT IT!!


It is my opinion that the American Civil War never really happened the way it appears to have happened, in the very first organic time line (if it happened at all.)

It may have been a much smaller skirmish than what happened in our recorded history!

However…, this single particular time in US History has been shown to be the “birthplace of so much FRAUD and so many CRIMINAL ACTS…, that it is highly unlikely that Time Travel and “nefarious players” were not involved somehow.

From the funding that came from Europe (The Brotherhoods) and the length of the war, to the viciousness with which it was faught…, and the quick Bankruptcy declared at the end of it…, all of these things suggest total outside manipulation of events!

Then, with the end of the united states for America, and the switching of the Constitution to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC.)…, and the incorporation of the states (on paper) under Vatican Control (once again) all of this blatantly suggests TIME TRAVEL manipulation of events.

I base this on the seemless progression of events since then…, and not only on the events themselves!

The creation of the Federal Reserve…, and the creation of the Birth Certificated “PERSON” could not have happened without the aftermath of the Civil War.  The CHANGE in america’s common law structure HAD to be in place before so many other things could have happened!

THIS CAN NOT BE IGNORED…, and is not accidental.

One thing has led to another thing in the total takeover of MANKIND…, and it’s enslavement…, and ALL OF IT starts at the end of the American Civil War!!

This would mean that certain individuals would have to have made quantum access trips as far back as the civil war…, and we KNOW this has happened (since Andrew Basagio has told us he actually went there as a child.)

The rule of all magicians (See: MERLIN) is to set a goal…, and then live your life “backwards” or “in reverse” from the moment you see yourself achieving your goal to the moment you are currently at.

In this way…, you are able to see and create every single step you need to take in order to get to your goal.

This would normally work with individual goals, but could NEVER work on a global scale because that is not how reality on a global scale is created.

However…, with Time Travel Technology in hand…, and the ability to manipulate WORLD EVENTS, suddenly a very small group of people could indeed create a very lopsided reality if they could control very LARGE SCALE EVENTS that would affect everyone all at once.

This is why WWI and WWII were fought!

They were World Wide events “manipulated” by these same LUCIFERIANS following the painstaking formula they set out for themselves to bring in the New WORLD ORDER.

THIS IS AGAINST COSMIC LAW (by the way) becuase it ignores organic Freewill (once again) and is destined to be punished.

This is what I feel has happened…, and MOST of the evidence I have seen and investigated supports this!

Only recently have I begin to see (and have examples) of TIME TRAVEL and Quantum Access used in order to fight the Luciferians!

It is my opinion that both Brexit and the election of Donald Trump (may indeed) have been quantum access created “events” to stem off great global tradgies.

But this only means that “two sides” are now fighting through time…, one which wants a NEW WORLD ORDER at all costs…, and one which wants to cover up and correct the mistakes.

All in all…, what I am saying is simply this!  We are NOT seeing the result of our collective human choices…, but are seeing the result of manipulated Timelines by very dark players!

This means once again that FREEWILL of the individual has not been taken into account…, and that the current world leaders and “players” (IF HUMAN) are in fact operating against PRIME CREATOR and are skating on “extremely thin ice” with GOD!

In my opinion…, all of the hocus pocus of CHANNELEED MESSAGES has been put in place to deny and cover up the manipulation of time and events…, and to distract researchers like myself from finding out the TRUTH!

More of my Private Log will becoming!


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