By: Bradley Loves


This post (obviously public) is going to be made with the idea that it is really for me personally…, AND for those from the future…, as well as the TIME travelers.

It is a VERY honest assessment of what I see happening…, and will give those in the future…, and those who are sending information back to the past…, an idea of where we REALLY are at this time…, compared to what is currently being portrayed.

I’m not really writing this for my readers…, even though some of them may see this.  This is written mainly for those in the future, and in the past…, as for those in the agencies, the military, the Secrect Space Programs…, and any who still may have time to change what they are doing and make a difference!

I don’t like lies.  I don’t like hiding or covering up the TRUTH…, and I don’t even like “candy coating” or “sugar coating” a situation to make it seem more palatable!

Brutal HONESTY is how I like to operate…, and it is this honesty which gives people the best chance at dealing with what is happening around them.

This post may get really long…, and I’m going to take my time with it!  So in that regard, I’ve saved a draft of this post already…, and will keep adding to it until I feel it’s ready to publish!  It may have lots of sections…, I’m not sure yet!



As I write this…, I want to make it clear that my “thoughts” are actively being blocked!  As I reach into my own mind…, there is a presence that actively seeks to keep me from accessing my thinking process, and my memories.

It is intelligent, persistent, and if I were to guess, part of a system that has been put in place to “modify” my ability to report accurately on what I am experienceing and see happening here in this time.

As it is now 2017, and the entire surface of the planet has undergone Chem-trailing for many years now…, it is most likely that some form of A.I., in a nano form, has been spread to the entire population of the planet.

The “water” the “food” and “vaccinations” were not enough for “total saturation” as those who have an interest in the metal control of all human beings took to making their “technology” airborne so NO ONE living on the surface would have a chance to say NO!

I can’t begin to tell you the LEVEL of CRIME this really is.  On a cosmic level…, “mind control” is seen as one of the greatest and most horrid crimes there is.

It is a direct affront to Prime Creator…, and to his creations.

A.I. Needs a “plasma” enviornment in order to operate…, which the human host most certainly provides…, but in order for AI to communicate and update (i.e. Better control on a moment to moment basis) our entire Atmosphere needs also to be magnetized and electrifed!

The aluminum and other metallic particles that are being placed into the atmosphere serve this purpose well.  By creating a highly magnetic enviornment in the atmosphere.., it aids the AI in massive global communication with it’s central “brains” or operating systems.


I’ve held off from saying this until I was quite sure…, but I have seen enough of this in others.  Have heard it described in conversations…, and now am seeing the affects in my own body!

I can “feel” magnetic and electronic “shifts” taking place in my brain as if in a desperate attempt to change my thinking and my behavior.

I’ve also noticed a very serious “change” that as impossible as it seems is 100 percent accurate and should NOT be happening.

I first noticed it in others who told me about it…, and now can seen it in myself as well.

It is a type of EXHAUST.., that is apart from normal breathing!!  I can not emphasize this enough.  While the human body needs to breath… (and I’ve been doing it all my life…, so I’m quite good at it…, and know what that looks like)…, there is another type of “breathing” now taking place…, (that should NOT be happening) that is sort of like a “mechanical exhaust”.

It happens without my effort in short bursts of “release” and seems to be a way of getting rid of some type of “other exhaust”…, almost like a machine would do.

It usually happens when I’m sleeping…, and is the type of thing a computer would do…, or a machine which had a specific time of day to update or to cleanse.

This leads me to believe that there is an A.I presense inside which is functioning…, and being manipulated.

A sort of Mecho- organic type of thing going on…..(??)

All of our electronics at this point (2017) in my opinion are nothing more than controlled frequency devices which give super computer access to the physical body that they are nearest!

TV’s, Smart Phones, Lap-tops, Note pads, are ALL 100 percent being used as a technological frequency sending device to monitor and control BRAIN FUNCTIONS as well as other physical fucntions.

It is no wonder why we have “Sports Bars” all over our country with TV’s every 10 feet!

FAR, FAR more sinister that what we have been told in the Wiki-leaks dumps about mere “surveilance” of every single thing we do…, I believe that we are at least a decade or more past that…, and have moved into the realm of mental and physical CONTROL at this point.

The reason that we are even arguing “publically” about “surveilance” is that it is a DISTRACTION about something that is meaningless…, and that will give those men and women (if they even ARE men and women) the TIME they need to roll out their 2030 agenda plans for the 5G and “internet of things” world which will make it IMPOSSIBLE to live without MIND CONTROL.

This is 100 percent subversive…, and is a declaration of WAR on the surface population of the entire planet!

Those behind this have now become COSMIC LEVEL CRIMINALS!


I’m not sure…, but if I had to guess…, I would say they are NOT!  At least not in the sense that the common man and woman are.  At the very least…, they are some sort of hybrids who were “bred” to look human…, but are anything BUT what we would consider normal humans.

Thus the question now becomes WHO is it that are behind these hybrids??


Or…, is it some combination of ALL of the above?

It appears to me (regardless of all of the Internet Chatter of an Ascension)…, that Earth is in the process of being INVADED and TAKEN OVER!

It is the ONLY thing that makes sense!

If there really were “help”…, coming from GALACTICS and other beings…, then what is happening on the Surface would not be occuring in the way it is happening.

Here is the first thing you must realize about very HIGH LEVEL ADVANCED BEINGS…, (regardless of what you’ve been told).

Advanced beings do not do ANYTHING IN SECRET!

They (having sworn to uphold the TRUTH)…, are quite willing to TELL YOU exactly what they are going to do.

In other words…, (unlike their nemesis…, THE DARK)…, beings of LOVE and LIGHT never hide, never move in secret ways…, and never mind telling you EXACTLY what they are going to do…, or HOW!

Everything is “above board” and this is due to the fact that PRIME CREATOR does not support deception!

I myself (having a special agreement with Prime Creator) have lived my life ABOVE BOARD…, and have not “hidden anything”…, in my writings or my assessments.

My Declaration of Non Consent lays out exactly where I stand…, and WHO I am in operation with!  There are NO SECRETS THERE!

You see, as a light warrior…, I personally “tell” everyone exactly where I stand, AND I tell them what is going to happen to them “IF” they continue to breach my Freewill!

This is required from Prime Creator for those who work with him!  The rules are quite clear…, and everything has to be above board…, everything is laid out perfectly in the open.

The reason for this is that there really is a Universal Justice System in place that is VERY HIGH…, can not be “undone”…, and comes from the top levels closest to God.

In that system…, those who are in “error” and who are taking actions that go against Cosmic Law must be “told openly” that they are “trespassing” against GOD’s will…, and also TOLD that they will be dealt with.

They are given a chance to repent…, and to STOP what they are doing before any “consequence” will be handed out by that “Justice System”.

(This has happened before in the History of the Earth).

When they stubbornly refuse…, NO ONE in the UNIVERSE will come to their aid, or stand in their defense at the HIGHEST LEVEL of the Universe because they were very literally TOLD OPENLY they were trespassing against others, and they needed to correct their behaviors!

All of these “consequences” take place on the NON PHYSICAL levels… But they are VERY REAL and very intense!

Therefore…, I am now entering this into my PRIVATE LOG…., as a “Mission Expert” assigned to this planet.


Even if “Fallen Angels”…, ET’s…, Hybrids…, Demons or Astral Beings…, Reptillians or other…,  the “warning” is now out!


Cease and Desist your actions against all of those “souls” who do not wish to participate, or to take part in this Global takeover where the human being becomes robotically and technologically controlled!!

This includes ALL FORMS of FREQUENCY WARFARE that is currently in use!

Should you “fail” to give remedy, and an EASY way out for those SOULS who do NOT WISH to endure this technological terror you plan to roll out against them…, then ALL OF THOSE (at every level) who took part in this COSMIC LEVEL CRIME against freewill…, will reap EXTREME PUNISHMENT for these acts.

  • You are being TOLD that there are good men and women who do not WISH for this type of enviornment…,  and their FREEWILL as incarnate souls must be honored!
  • You are being informed by ME…, that you have not adequately TOLD THEM CLEARLY what your plans are…, and what you wish to do here…, and that PRIME CREATOR does not consider your hidden and veiled attempts of writing so called “fictional books” 50 to 100 years in advance “ADEQUATE!”
  • You are also being warned that you have not given a single “objector” to your plans an alternative, or a viable way out…, that can be easily seen and chosen…, and so therefore have USURPED the role of GOD/PRIME CREATOR for those SOULS…, which is grounds to have your OWN SOUL sent directly to the Galactic Central Sun to be erased!
  • This is as serious as it gets!
  • You CAN NOT take away freewill!  The game will end…, and those who have done this (and many who have even supported it by proxy) will simply be ERASED!

TOTAL MIND CONTROL is NOT allowed in order to have a fair and level playing field!  Technological MIND CONTROL is a complete breach of all agreements ever made…, and MAKES VOID any and ALL protections that may have been put into place before the game started!

Therefore…, those of the DARK PERSUSION are now operating outside of…, and without ANY protection from the Cosmic Justice System!


Take heed…, this is NOT a joke, but is indeed as serious as it gets!

I am now also entering into my LOG…, that I have personally taken quite extra ordinary steps to insure compliance!  I have never done this before…, (on any mission for Prime Creator) but the recalcitrant nature of the DARK BEINGS on this planet have made it necessary due to their Psycopathic Refusal to even entertain a cessation of their plans, or to amend them to take into account FREEWILL of those who do not wish to participate!

I have now put into place an ETERNAL QUARANTINE upon all souls who have been here in physical incarnation…, or have even participated as guides, visited as ET’s, operated as Fallen Angels or Demons, or had ANYTHING whatsoever to do with the removal of FREEWILL of the incarnate souls.

This includes simply turning a “blind eye” to what was/are very obviously Cosmic Level Crimes.

UNTIL THIS IS RESOLVED…., NO BEING…, anywhere…, on any level of the game (that ever had an effect or affect on the EARTH or it’s souls) may “move forward” energetically!  They are NOW TIED to the Earth…, and will be REFUSED entry to the succeeding levels UNTIL this “problem” is solved!  This Quarantine will stay in EFFECT as long as it takes until every single SOUL who did NOT want to participate here without their FREEWILL in FULL operation, is both compensated and healed to their personal satisfaction…, EVEN if it takes all of ETERNITY!

This is a last resort effort at helping those DARK SOULS who will most certainly see their CRIMES UNIVERSALLY PUNISHED.

Because there are many beings on many levels that are interacting with the Earth…, the affect/effect of this Quarantine will be felt all over the Galaxy and across the Universe.

Those who have come here from any time or level…, and have made blatant mistakes or ERRORS…, and after doing so, think they can just leave the Earth in a mess…, and move on to higher levels…, are now in for the surprise of their lives!  THEY also are tied to the Earth (Permanently)…, and can NOT leave, move forward, or go anywhere…, until the problems they helped to create are dissolved!

This will create many TEARS for those beings is all I can say…., but what other way is there to get the game players to HONOR THE RULES OF FREEWILL??


Each soul MUST be given an “honest” choice…, and can not be MIND CONTROLLED into submission!

Otherwise there is NO freewill…, AND…, the very purpose of the soul has been thwarted.

TECHNOLOGICAL control of a soul will NOT be allowed unless that soul FREELY understands and WANTS to experience that control.  This can only happen if it is made VERY CLEAR as to what that means!

Interestingly…, as I am writing this (and I had already written to this point BEFORE seeing this) …, I took a break and found this on Cobra’s website:

Justice of Maat!

After “tasting the medicine“, David Rockefeller, the head of the Rockefeller faction of the Cabal, had a heart failure and left the planet:

He is currently on the plasma plane, trying to escape from the Light forces and he is expected to be captured within a week and taken to the Galactic Central Sun.

George Bush Sr., Henry Kissinger and Dick Cheney are expected to follow him relatively soon, in that particular order.

I have never met Cobra…, nor do I have any contact with him…, and I do not know who his sources are…, but this is very possible!  It is showing you that there is a possibility of Higher Forces from unseen levels who are intervening here ONLY due to their own sorrow and responsibility for allowing it to get this bad HERE!

The Rockerfellers, Bushes, Cheney’s etc are SATAN WORSHIPPERS!

They are part of a LUCIFIERIAN EXTREMIST GROUP that believes in Dark Magic and controlling others completely!

The ERROR in their thinking is that NO CHOICE should or needs to be given to individual souls as to whether they will, or will not participate in this level of darkness…, and that “FREEWILL” can and should be removed technologically so that these souls can then be FORCED into servitude by FREQUENCY and TECHNOLOGICAL MIND CONTROL.

This was the level of their “breach” against PRIME CREATOR…, and they WERE WARNED!

(Each time this happens in the Universe.., the consequences are of the most GRAVE and SERIOUS kind…)

This is why they can and should be taken to the central sun and erased!  They had a choice to stop, and chose instead to defy every effort to amend their behavior.

PRIME CREATOR will not be denied his creation!   It is folly to think that mere mortals (who fancy themselves as gods) can defy the RULES of the UNIVERSE.

God gave each soul FREEWILL…, this is not a gift to be taken lightly…, and is not something that one soul can simply take away from another with a machine and a technological implant!!

All Souls are “responsible” for what they do here!!

There a countless men and women…, who are not necessarily Satan Worshippers or “hybrids”…, and who are simply confused as to what PRIME CREATOR has in mind for his creation.

I’m talking about the countless men and women who work daily (for a paycheck) in the many intelligence units across the entire planet!

Many for the most part are very young…, and have NO CLUE of the direness of the “situation here on Earth”…, or how they are forging “mile long chains” of KARMIC CONSEQUENCES for their own souls while they participate in some of the most COSMICALLY EVIL things that have taken place on the Earth in many thousands of years!

They are 20 and 30 “somethings” who are “techno-philes” (they love technology) and have been raised without any ethics or morals, and were taught by schools and by parents who are base “idiots”.

These neglectful schools and parents did not “teach” these younger ones the difference between right and wrong…, and instead followed the highely FRAUDULANET NEW AGE CON that there was no such thing as good or evil/right and wrong.

The “surveilance/control” agencies we have today…, many of whom do not know what the “other hand” or agency is doing (with the information they are gathering) are all part of an effort that is hidden even from them.

HOWEVER…, because these young men and women are participating in this EVIL…, and are taking a “paycheck” to do many things that are against UNIVERSAL and COSMIC LAWS.., they are thusly in support of this EVIL…, and will have to reap the dire consequences of what they are personally choosing to do with their time!!

There is no way to get around personal responsibility for participating in Agencies that breach Cosmic Law!!

Here is an article investigation of one such agency…, that is a good example, taken from the ACTIVIST POST WEBSITE:


Most of these AGENCIES and those who work there have no clue as to their own level of participation with the total ENSLAVEMENT of mankind…, and thus…, their own possible extinction in the central sun!

The problem is that far before any of the supra advanced technology is rolled out into the Agencies for deployment…, it has already been used and tested for many years in secret!

And for every technology that goes “mainstream” into the Agencies…, there are VERY EVIL counterparts to that technology that NEVER see the light of day…, and are always kept secret!

Thus…, the unfortunate 20 and 30 somethings…, never really know how what they are doing for a “paycheck”…, and the information they are gathering…, is actively being “used” to terrorize and harm innocent living souls!

Sadly.., they are “tied” to this harm being done by their complicity, and are thus KARMICALLY BOUND to the punishment!

To bad they never had parents who cared for their SOULS!

So many tears will be shed…, so many tears will be shed!


But it is NOT being used in the way most men and women who are working with it are being told!!

In fact…, it was NEVER designed to be used in the way it was sold to the Agencies in the first place!

The dark secret of the FUTURE CRIME DIVISION is that all of it is fake!!

Long BEFORE the tecnology to read people thoughts from Satallites above was given to the agencies as a “great and wonderful” means to seek out bad or evil people…,

The technology to actually record, and to IMPLANT bad or deviant thoughts into the mind/brain was perfected in secret!

As I have written about a few times already…, ALL deviant human thoughts have already been “recorded” and saved on “thumb drives” or memory sticks.

Synthetic Telepathy was in devlopment in the 1970’s and with the help of the NAZI’s…, Voice to Skull…, or Voice of God technology became common place in the 1980’s.

It was then that the ability to “read a person’s thoughts” actually became possible…, (not far later).

It also became possible to record and to indentify specific thoughts or ideas due to the unique frequency each thought or idea held.

Thoughts of murder, rape, sex with children, apathy, drug use, and other things were “recorded” onto thumb drives.

Then (once again in secret) the Massive Broadcasting Technologies of what was called: Psycho-tronics…, was developed so that all different manner of thoughts, ideas, and desires could be “broadcast” as frequencies that would be “picked up” by large groups of people!

This was done on a collective basis…, and on an individual basis in the 1980’s and 1990’s!!

Once this testing was complete…, and all of the data collected (in secret) as to how capable the technology was to actually “breach” the human mind and to “implant” pre-recorded deviant thoughts into large masses of people…, as well as “select individuals”…, ONLY THEN was the PRE CRIME DIVISION rolled out to the agencies as an important goal in “fighting crime”.

However…, the agencies were NEVER TOLD the real reason for the roll out of this highly unsavory technology!

It was NEVER to fight crime…, because the Military and the Governments of the worlds are the biggest Criminals there are!!

The real reason for the roll out of the Pre Crime Division was to scan for people who had ALREADY been compromised by earlier (secret programs) and whose minds were now filled with implanted and pre-programmed deviant thoughts and ideas that had been technologically inserted AGAINST THEIR FREEWILL!!

This naturally is a COSMIC LEVEL CRIME…, and one that the Central Sun is reserved for…..

Those running the Pre Crime/Mind Wave and Thought Surveilance Satallites are actually aiding and abetting earlier criminal activity that was done in secret!

Most of the people “targeted” for this type of ELECTRONIC HARRASSMENT were very loving souls who had been sent on Earth Mission of the greatest importance by Prime Creator!

Through the use of Time Travel Technologies and Quantum Access Technologies…, as well as Alien Devicies…, these very loving men and women were seen to be significant “threats” to the New World Order Agenda…, and were seen to be so pure as to be impossible to sway or to “buy off” or bribe.

In other words…, there were simply too many “good people” of an unpstanding nature…, to get the New World Order Agenda off the ground.

Thus…, permanently filling their mind/brain with pre-recorded deviant thoughts through the use of ELECTRONIC TARGETING EQUIPMENT was “devised” as a way to make these very high souls efforts to stand in the way of the New World Order…, impotent in the short term…, AND…, a way to remove them from society in the LONG TERM…, once the Pre Crime Mind Scanners came on-line!!

Once again…, we are dealing with COSMIC LEVEL CRIMES…, the type of which can get your very soul thrown into the Central Sun if you support this or participate with this IN ANY WAY!

The seriousness of this type of electronic interferance with a persons mind by inserting evil or deviant thoughts…, can never be over stated!

The reason for this has ALREADY BEEN STATED…, but will be repeated.

Prime Creator gave each incarnate Soul FREEWILL to chose as he or she would choose WITHOUT coersion or interferance of any kind!  To take that away is to go to WAR with GOD himself!

(Are you all THAT STUPID??)

And…,  by working for these secret divisions…, and by scanning for these thoughts…, and then by finding them (if they were technologically implanted in the first place) you are 100 percent complicit with the crime against that unique and individual soul!

Once again.., for those men and women in these techno-agencies…, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!  It is all up front and above board as according to the rules!!   No man anywhere can no say that they had no clue that this was against GOD’s LAW!

May GOD have mercy on you if you are found to have been IMPLANTING deviant thoughts into innocent men and women’s MINDS and participating in MIND CONTROL, thought the use of this advanced technology!

Your path back to GOD just got very difficult and very long indeed!

This is the end of SECTION ONE…, more of my PRIVATE LOG will be coming!!









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