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The Fake, Demonic, Meta-Reality Overlay In Which We Are Extensively Blanketed

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A friend recently related to me that he was having brief hallucinations that kept periodically intruding on his everyday reality for a few minutes. Out of an abundance of caution, he had a neurological exam and nothing untoward turned up.

He said that he was seeing an “atrocious” reality, an extensive demonic network that maintains a false, fabricated, fake reality in order to feed off of our human energies, vampire-like.

I told him that in my opinion he should not fear that he is losing his mind, but that quite to the contrary, it sounds like, in fact,  he is on the verge of finding his mind. It sounds to me like he is starting to see the monstrous, demonic, meta-reality, artificial control structure, the fake control grid, the false executable program,  the diabolical veil that has been falsely inflicted on humanity and the Earth by darkly demonic powers


This is a subject that for all practical purposes is completely “IGNORED” within the New Age.

After all…, their whole… “you always choose everything that happens to you”… depends upon the idea that FREEWILL is always operating – no matter what!

It is also much easier for them to blindly follow the New Age directive to always “forgive” everyone “anything” that they do…, if they can CLING to the fake belief that those human beings who have been tortured and hurt the most……….WANTED THAT!

Yet…, the technological PROGRAMMING OF THE MIND is something that has come to the Illuminati and the Criminal Cabal from “off worlders”…, namely the Draco and the Grays!

This is no longer about one mind vs. another mind, where all you have to do is have a stronger (or a more spiritual mind)!

This “mind vs mind” is a test that GOD put into place so that we might help each other see the truth about certain things…, BUT…, this is not what I am talking about.

There are FREQUENCIES and WAVES being broadcast at selected targets that are totally MACHINCE DRIVEN – and are a constant 24-7 bombardment upon their electrical and mental selves!

This is not a “test”…, but in every sense of the word…, is TORTURE!

No matter what the New Agers (or the channelers) say…, GOD NEVER INTENDED nor SACTIONED THIS!

For emphasis only:    GET THIS THROUGH YOUR HEADS

If we’ve got “outsiders” interfering with our family units…, and forcing their agenda upon our entire world…, HOW can it ever be claimed that countless children, men and women wanted to be tortured by their alien hands?

Logically…, IT CAN’T!

What we’ve got (here on Earth) is a small group of VERY EVIL human men and women (who fancied themselves as better than the rest of us) and when OFF WORLDERS showed up…, they basically OFFERED and SOLD out the rest of us – in order to gain technology and advanced knowledge.


Now…, these very same wholly and totally EVIL human beings are so terrified of having the rest of humanity find out of their treachery and their treason…, that they are basically willing to KILL all of humanity and to DESTROY the entire planet if need be – just to keep us from finding out!

These EVIL men and women have written NEW AGE BOOKS!

They have started blogs and websites!  They have hired writers whose only task is to “convince” the rest of us that WE WANTED ALL OF THIS TO HAPPEN TO US!

And yes…, they have started a military program using the VOICE TO SKULL technology to send messages to CHANNELERS saying the very same thing!

They are desperate to convince as many people as possible that their TREASON and their GREED was somehow “our fault” and not theirs.

They are “projecting” their crimes – upon all of the rest of us…, because they can’t deal with just HOW EVIL they have become!

Preston James has written a new article that very accurately discusses the super advanced technology that was given to the criminal cabal by the Draco’s!



Developing, Mastering and Weaponizing new technology to control you

The very first paragraph says it all…

Not only has the Ruling Cabal deployed its newly developed high technology to spy on us all, but has weaponized it to entrain the minds of the masses to conform to their Globalist NWO Agenda and policies.


Let’s go backward for a moment and THINK clearly about what GOD intended.  He intended for one human mind to face off with another human (not alien) mind so that the weaker could learn from the stronger!


If an individual happened to be fooled or conned…, (and made the wrong choice) then that individual learned a hard lesson.


This technology REMOVES a man or woman’s thought patterns and REPLACES THEM with something else…, so that a choice is no longer possible!


Here is the video that Preston James posted that goes along with his article.  It is from the SGT Report.

Here is the very PROOF that PRIME CREATOR GOD will never condone this!

Due to the fact that with this technology in place a “choice” is not really being made…, but is being forced in a certain direction…, there is NO CLEAR MEMORY of ever having made the choice in the first place.

Thus…, LEARNING is not possible!

If the person’s mind were suddenly given back to them…, they would stumble into the very SAME PIT again…, because in order for LEARNING to take place…, there has to be a clear progression of real time thoughts which lead up to the out come!

What we have with this kind of technology is an OVER RIDING of the souls FREEWILL – and a direct “hacking” of the brain stem –  (which co-incidentally was genetically created and given to us by the REPTILES) – just so that they could  (in fact) hack it (cheat) when the time was right!

This is basically a nullification and a VOIDING of the entire “GAME/GRAND EXPERIMENT” period!

Once this happened…, it ceased to be a “game” and became a RESUCE MISSION!

For emphasis only (especially directed at the New Agers)….. GET THIS THROUGH YOUR HEADS

There is “no longer” a game of “fair play” or any other kind of “logical experiment” in Freewill happening here on Earth… PERIOD!

The entire thing has been HI-JACKED!

Therefore all of these “ideas” about “forgiving it all” (which were placed into the game as rules of play) are wholly and totally meaningless!

You are still trying to “play a game” and “follow the rules” for something that NO LONGER EXISTS!

That game has now been hacked, and is completely VOID!

Human beings are no longer in LEARNING MODE!

They are instead in a type of FORCED ROBOTICALLY INDUCED STUPOR, and in this sad condition, LEARNING can never take place…, PERIOD!

What this means is that the “soul” is not really making any “choices” and so it is not “learning” in this mode.   All that is happening is that due to the MIND HACK…, the being in question is being FORCED to act and behave in certain ways (ways that create harvestable energy).

A soul could spend a million years under this kind of control system and come out having LEARNED NOTHING!

You’ve got to get this…, or you might as well stop reading anything spiritual at all…, it will not help you in THIS condition.


The sooner everyone “gets this” and comes together to put a STOP TO IT…, the sooner that those who are here to rescue us…, can do so!

More will be coming…..





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