By: Bradley Loves


Reading between the “lines” of the title of this piece…, (yes you DO have the ability to do that)…., you could probably determine what I am going to say next in this post.

If you take the title of this post, and really THINK about it…, instead of just reading the words…, you could ask yourself…, what “didn’t” he say…, and, “what other ideas go along with the ideas of “programs”…, and WHY isn’t it there?”

If you do this…, an INFINITE panoramic view of the endless “unsaid” thoughts of TRUTH behind these words will pop up in front of your “inner vision”.

I have written about this before…, and I have told you that it is JUST as important to read “between” the lines of any written piece…, as it is to read the actual lines.

Whenever I personally read anything in the Alternative Media…, or read the Main Stream Media…, or watch a video on You-tube…, or watch the television News…, there is an EXTENSIVE operation going on in my mind which keeps it totally engaged.

Firstly…, if I’m watching TV or Video…, I’m not just listening to the words…, but I’m also watching the BODY LANGUAGE of the person presenting it.  I watch their facial expressions…, their hands and body movements, their nervousness…, and especially their TONE of Voice.

After all of that…, only THEN do I consider their “words”.


This is an “on-going” real time exercise that I have trained myself to do!

As they are speaking…, and I am “hearing” their words…, I am processing those words, and at the same time (in real time) asking questions about what they are NOT SAYING!  

If they have said several things together…, and something OBVIOUS pops up that they have left out…, then I mark that as a “flag”…, or a spot to come back to in my memory.

Because I “engage” my mind in this way (something that YOU can also do)…, it is very difficult for the “intended” programming within their words to take place.

You see…, YOU as a human being…, with a DIVINE MIND…, are far more sophisticated than any DARK MAGIC, SIGILS, SYMBOLS, or MIND CONTROL that could be placed in front of you!

The ONLY reason that MIND CONTROL even works on human beings, is that their minds have become so relaxed (especially when watching TV) that it is completely OPEN to the power of magical suggestion!

This is exactly what “hypnotists” do with their victims.  They get them to totally relax…, and OPEN their mind so that they can reach in and place “programs” into the sub-conscious.

Only an open and fully “exposed” mind can be “gotten to” and “hooked” into by those who are “broadcasting” on these more subtle frequencies.

The SATANISTS…, who Jay Parker talks about in his You-tube Videos (his mother in particular spoke of this) have told him that they are not at all interested in the “conscious minds” of human beings…, but rather they are most interested in the SUB-CONSCIOUS…, or the UN- CONSCIOUS MIND!

That is where the “programming” takes place…, and THAT my friends is where you have to DEFEND yourself!

The reason that this kind of programming has been so easy for these SATANISTS…, (and is getting easier)…, is that almost all people have stopped THINKING!

In fact…, schools today are making it easier and easier for students…, and are actively “teaching” them to “average” things out instead of spending the time it takes in seeking a definite solution for any particular problem.

This has been happening more and more in BUSINESS AS WELL…., so that progressively over the last 50 years, more and more THINKING and PROBLEM SOLVING RESPONSIBILITIES have been removed from middle management of all companies around the world and given over to ONLY the highest levels!

This has resulted in millions of adult human beings going backwards in their mental development to that of mere CHILDREN…, who have to “ask” for permission to do anything from “Mommy and Daddy”.

There is a very nefarious purpose to this…, and it has to do with HOW a person uses their mind.

In our schools now…, the “training” here is for the child’s mind to find the EASIEST and most comfortable path to a “general solution” for any and all problems it faces, which takes less time, and less thought!

The point is to keep the child from THINKING TOO MUCH…., and to relax their mind as much as possible.

By engaging the mind less and less…, it is far easier to PROGRAM that mind…, since it is mostly (and almost always) in a very relaxed state.

An engaged and THINKING MIND…, is far more difficult to reach with evil things like:    Dark Magic, Sigils, Symbolism, and even A.I. Mind Kontrol.

This is why we now see MILLIONS and MILLIONS of fake or fictitious FALSE FLAGS and a whole host of other blatant LIES being rolled out in the MEDIA!

It is not so much for us…, as it is for OUR CHILDREN!

You see…, for those of us OVER 50 or 60 years old…, we STILL KNOW HOW TO THINK!

So…, we see what are obvious lies!

To those who are far younger than 50 or 60 years…, and whose “minds” are super relaxed, and far more ready to PROGRAM…, these LIES and DECEPTIONS are not evident to them.

And, having NEVER been trained to THINK for themselves…, our children are taking these PROGRAMS into their sub-conscious…, and THEY WILL ACT ON THEM!

You as an adult…, have been given FAIR WARNING!

A day may be coming soon…, when your grandchildren round you up…, and put you in camps…, only because YOU did not take the time to “teach them” how to engage their minds.

Something to think about!

All my love…














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