For years Governments of the world, Miltaries of the world, Politicians of the world, Law Enforcement Agencies of the World, Intelligence Agencies of the world and countless others too many to mention here have KNOWN that great evil was being done to living men and women all around the world.

The level of complicity in hiding crimes/protecting those who do crimes/ and in giving material aid to those who do crimes is BOTH EPIC and RAMPANT in our reality/realm.

In my last article – I wrote that we are “collectively” doing this to ourselves!  Now I am going to show you more of just how many people “out there” have dirty hands and are helping in creating the horror and the terror we are seeing made manifest here in our reality.

Firstly – please watch this very important video talking about Trans-humanism, genetic manipulation, and the coming TYRANNY that is only manifesting here because most of us are NOT DOING ENOUGH to stop it!

This is a must watch video to know just how much evil is being done to humanity and just how many people are helping and participating! Dr. Carrie Madej on the Alpha Warrior Show

The entire universe is SCREAMING for justice!


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