Section 22


22) For any printed consent form, presented for agreement, from any corporate business or outlet, which allows me to access the internet through their system – TAKE NOTICE!

If I am “compelled” to push an agree button to access the internet, I am only  agreeing to give very limited consent in order to gain immediate access the internet through a secondary party, but I AM NOT consenting to and/or agreeing to give up any rights and authority, (already listed here) which I always hold in reserve.

To give up and/or surrender any reserved rights and authority would require a fully negotiated, face to face, CONTRACT OF CONSENT in order to be considered valid consent.

Special Notice to: Apple, Google, Yahoo, Gmail, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and others – By asking for my agreement online, without face to face negotiations YOU are agreeing that NO CONTRACT has ever in fact been made between my real living being, my on-line persona (whatever that “name” happens to be at the moment) and your Corporation, Company or Group!

You further agree that the pressing of a consent button is NOT a negotiation, but in fact is a broom being used to sweep away all nonsensical words which have no bearing on a living and breathing human being which can not communicate logically with a machine and therefore can NOT negotiate with  it.

In the absence of such face to face negotiations, (human being to human being) any such assumed/presumed consent will be considered INVALID BY ME, and gained through criminal deception, and/or trickery and will immediately bring the deceiver under this comprehensive Notice of Contract.

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