TO ALL CABAL MEMBERS, ILLUMINATI, SATAN WORSHIPERS, LUCIFERIANS, OFF WORLDERS, DRACO’S, their ALLIES…, and ALL OTHERS who have had a hand in the enslavement of planet Earth.

This Notice, is a reminder to ALL off worlders, ET’s, Draco’s, ED’s, and those men and women on Earth who are working with, or for their agenda.


If you are Off Worlders…, your race, your species, and your planets will be HELD 100 % ACCOUNTABLE for the enslavement of my planet and my race!

Why (Because you did nothing to put a stop to it)

You will be forced to PAY REPARATIONS to my planet and to my species until every single living and breathing human being that has been harmed is satisfied that the debt has been paid.

To those human beings who actually helped the off worlders doing the enslavement…, I promise you that in all eternity, I will see that you are hunted thoughout space and throughout time until your soul has paid for every last single molecule of damage, hardship and suffering that you caused through your actions and your alliances with evil beings.

There is NO PLACE you can go, no place you can hide, no place you can find refuge, because eventually you will NEED to move forward to a more comfortable and spiritual level, and when you do…, the GATES will be closed to you until you are punished for your crimes against the cosmos!

You will be FORCED (at that time) to return every last drop of energy that you stole to those who you stole it from…, and if not…, you will be sent to the Central Sun and be disintegrated.

Unlike you…, I am not STUPID, and I do NOT SUPPORT Lucifer…, however, I do have an intimate connection with PRIME CREATOR and a very “special agreement” with that which created ALL THINGS.

I will not rest…, nor I will not stop until the last drop of what has been taken or stolen from my planet and my species has been accounted for.

You have ONLY ONE CHOICE…, you will immediately break your wholly evil treaties with the DRACO…, and all other rogue ET groups…, and you WILL DISCLOSE what has been hidden from humanity immediately…, then you will throw yourself at the mercy of humanity for your crimes.

IF NOT…, then I promise you that a trillion years from now…, ALL OF YOU WILL STILL BE HUNTED!

Nowhere in the Universe will be safe for your soul…, and you will NEVER find rest.

Oh, and here’s another thing that your idiotic “NEW AGE”…, which dabbles in magic does not know anything about.

PRIME CREATOR gave each individual FREE WILL.

That means that even if every single living and breathing human being who has been harmed…., “FORGIVES YOU” and claims they have been satisfied…., if EVEN ONLY ONE (ME) still holds you bound and accountable for your crimes…, then


The source of all that is will demand that every single one of his creations (who he had given free will to) is beyond satisfied that the entire debt has been paid in full, OR…, you can never move forward.


And so…, a billion years of time on penal planets is being added to your punishments, and your cosmic sentences with each and every day that passes where you still REFUSE TO DISCLOSE THE TRUTH.

And, if you think that I can not MAKE GOOD on this…, just keep it up and do nothing…, “Go ahead…, make my day…”

So…, If I were you…, I’d be bending over backwards to ask what it was that I could do for those that I had harmed…, to repay…, to get forgiveness from, and to it make right…, for the endless and countless CRIMES that have occurred here on Earth…, aided and abetted BY YOUR HANDS.

IF I were you….., I’d be interested in contacting people (like me) and asking very politely…, what is it going to take??

(Apologies will NOT be accepted without an offer of restitution.)

I guarantee you…, for those of you who think there is a “dark way” to get to heaven…, and that you are simply choosing the “left hand path”…, even IF that is possible…,

Prime Creator has shown me that ALL DEBTS have to be paid and balanced FIRST!

This means that at the very moment that you think you will be moving back to the “POSITIVE SIDE”…, at that moment…, YOU WILL HAVE FACE ME…, because the only way back to that “side” will be… IF EVERY SINGLE DEBT HAS BEEN PAID.


I will be there, because I will be the only one who will NOT HAVE FORGIVEN YOU…, and I will be the only one who will THEN be in a position to decide when, where and how (if ever) you will be able to make it up to me before you “get” to move out of the dark side.

Remember, you can NOT CALL on Prime Creator to simply interfere with me, because he did not “interfere” with you when you were raping, pillaging, and plundering.  He will NOT hear your words and will simply say fair is fair!


(Freewill baby…, Prime Creator will never force me to forgive you…, but HE will insist that I am happy and that I am totally satisfied for anything that was done BY YOU…, to harm me, my living being and my natural life in any way).

And boy…, have I got a LONG………, memory.



Every other Earth human may be a snowflake and a pushover…, but I am not every other “Earth Human”!

You wanna take “being evil” out for a TRILLION YEAR RIDE…, (maybe a Quadrillion year ride) with NO HOPE of ever getting past that…, (because I am standing in the way)…., once again…, MAKE MY DAY…

Here is my TRILLION YEAR PROMISE to you.

You will pay me every single solitary ounce of consequence and molecule of damage that I demand from EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU.

There are two ways to do this:

You can ask me for forgiveness NOW…, and get an  “extreme discount” and pay pennies on a dollar…, OR…, you can continue to PISS ME OFF…, and get your penalty (consequences) RAISED by a million times until it crushes your very soul under it’s weight!

The choice is up to you.   Choose WISELY.

Maybe you can just pay me by TELLING THE TRUTH!  Maybe if you honestly DISCLOSE the Truth, and shun all cosmically illegal treaties that you made with the likes of the DRACO…, I might give you a pass.

But…, you’d have to make that “deal” with me personally…, BEFORE HAND.

And, here is a reminder of my personally written Declaration of Freedom and Removal of ALL Consent!

See this link:

This has been publicly posted on the Internet for over two years…, AND has never once been disputed!  (Not a single human being raised a concern or an objection.  Not in person or in writing!)

Therefore…, it already stands as LAW.

It stands as LAW in the ENTIRE Cosmos…, and it will be referred to in every single proceeding that takes place in any time or time line, in any dimension, or on any level of existence.

To all Off worlders…., See this section specifically: SECTION 17




17.1) The leaders and government officials living on the surface of Earth, or within, or above the Earth, AND all those church officials operating at the VATICAN that you deal with currently or historically, (all of whom are psycho-paths), DO NOT SPEAK for every human being (man or woman) living on this planet. Nor do those who consider themselves “kings” or “queens” speak for every living being…, You should know that!

Acting and/or behaving as if they do speak for every living being incarnated here on Earth is absurd considering your supposed intelligence level. Many of the beings that they do NOT speak for, including myself, and countless other beings who have taken a legitimate physical incarnation here, choose to speak on our own behalf.


To suggest we can’t speak for ourselves, or to actively engage in a formal Treaty with any of these beings, a treaty which leaves our voices unheard, is a COSMIC LEVEL CRIME! You have now been given fair warning!

Correct your mistake by immediately negotiating with MY living being personally and face to face, or come under the Authority of this VALID Notice of Contract for ALL TIME!

Do not ignore the importance of this NOTICE.

17.2) YOU (as Earthly Visitors) are also being specifically NOTICED to both behave yourself while visiting this planet called EARTH, because this is my PLANETARY HOME by right of INCARNATION! Also, make certain that before you personally interact with any Earth Human, each and every individual being has given its CONSCIOUS CONSENT in full transparency, if you choose to affect that being Negatively or in a dark way.

17.3) I specifically RESERVE all “RIGHTS” that are cosmically granted to my living being, by the Higher “Galactic”, and “Universal Councils” which are given to those living beings who are currently taking a physical incarnation on the EARTH, (also known as Gaia, or Terra) and now make NULL AND VOID any and ALL claims historically made by other humans or non-humans, as well as certain Earthly Visitors, that indicate that I may have inadvertently signed away and given up any of my ETERNAL SOULS rights or consent tacitly or unwittingly.


These RIGHTS include the RIGHT to claim reparation, and restitution for any and ALL damages, no matter how tiny as a result of refusing to negotiate with me personally!

17.4) I specifically CHALLENGE, REBUKE, AND MAKE VOID…, every assumption or presumption of having ever given away or surrendered any RESERVED RIGHTS, or given any VALID CONSENT, for all negative actions that are, or have been adversely affecting me, which are/have been caused as a result of any Treaties signed by Earthly Visitors and Earths psychopathic leaders.
17.5) I specifically CHALLENGE all assumptions/presumptions knowing that any such giving away of rights, consent, or freedoms, would have to have been gained through criminal deception, mind control, or trickery, and thus renders any assumed CONSENT, and/or any other thing gained in that way, TOTALLY INVALID.

17.6) Be aware that without first obtaining a current, up to date, (not older than 2 years) signed CONTRACT or TREATY with me personally, “YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY” to do anything here (on Earth) or off of the Earth, that has any, or even MAY HAVE any, measurable negative affect on my living body, mind, or soul, without incurring very heavy cosmic, and long lasting personal consequences.


17.7) NO TREATY made with any human being, or group of humans living on the EARTH, (or non-humans from off the Earth, if they claim ownership, IS VALID, if that Contract or Treaty in any way affects my life, my natural life, or my body, mind, and soul in what I would consider to be a measurably negative and/or dark way!

The only exception to this is to first gain my fully informed, and current, (not more than 2 years old) consent in a separate VALID CONTRACT or Valid Treaty that has been negotiated with me personally, face to face, and signed with a wet ink signature or autograph that is done in PURPLE INK.
NO TREATY made by anyone, anywhere is valid, if it collaterally affects my living and breathing being, my Life, my natural life, my happiness, or my wealth in a dark, or negative way without my full and comprehensive and transparent consent to said or stated Treaty, even if I personally am not party to such a treaty. This includes all corporate treaties and contracts as well as OFF WORLD TREATIES.

17.7.1) A separate contract or treaty with my living and breathing incarnated being is necessary, to be negotiated in person, and signed or autographed by me, if any actions done here on Earth (by Earthly Visitors), which includes military technology transfers, may have the slightest detrimental affects on my life, and in the absence of such a treaty, I reserve the RIGHT TO CLAIM DAMAGES from these beings, entities, or Earthly Visitors, (not only in this life, but the next, and the next) until full payment is received!

17.7.2) While such a TREATY must be negotiated face to face, and autographed, depending upon the nature of the autographed treaty, daily updates may be required.

17.7.6) All treaties historically made, that are destined to affect me in a measurably negative way, must be renegotiated with me as well, or they will be considered under my fully ordained AUTHORITY, bestowed unto me by PRIME CREATOR, to be null and void.

This stands even if they were made before I came here, and even if they were made over a million years ago!

17.7.7) These persons, beings, entities, corporations, secret groups, human or non-human, from Earth, or not from Earth, in making such treaties with Earthly Visitors, and once finding out about my NOTICE OF CONTRACT have the standard allowable amount of earth time (10 business days) to contact me personally and rectify the situation OR they will automatically fall under my contract, since that is how all standard Earth contracts are upheld and made lawful.

17.7.8) If this is not done, then I reserve the right to lay CLAIMS against any and all such agents and beings (as listed above) who made any treaty which had such collateral affects, that my personal life was substantially affected, and to use whatever lawful means are necessary to acquire what ever wealth they have, that I deem is a just reparation for such negative affects.

17.8) I claim the right to ANY AMOUNT of payment and/or reparation I feel is appropriate to compensate me for the hurt, suffering and pain I’ve experienced as a result of any such Contracts or Treaties, which had a negative affect on my natural life, body, mind or spirit (soul) that were made and done by other beings without my valid consent.

17.9) I claim this right, since with the creation of this PUBLICLY POSTED NOTICE, and the posting of it where it can be electronically accessed (with permission), every Earthly Visitor, and/or off worlder, has now been given a fair chance to choose to Contract with me, and/or to enter into a Treaty with me personally, thus circumventing and negating the otherwise un-avoidable consequences of not doing so.


17.10) The internet is capable of reaching technology available to advanced Races, and thus, NO OTHER PUBLIC NOTICE IS NECESSARY!

17.11) Specifically excluded from speaking for me personally, whether in TREATY or CONTRACT are these beings or the following groups:

The Roman Catholic Church and all who claim to hold office there.

Also excluded are ANY of the United States of America Corporation Presidents, but especially:

George Bush Senior, George Bush Jr, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower, Franklin Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Calvin Coolidge, William Howard Taft, Warring G. Harding, or Harry Truman, which were all Presidents after or during the formation of the Criminal Federal Reserve Bank. All of these are specifically excluded from speaking for me, or making any contracts for me that will have even the slightest affect upon my life.

Donald J. Trump is now added to this list! He can only speak for me with my permission (which could only be given face to face and in person)…, and in no other circumstance. All permission to “speak” for me is removed from Donald Trump from this moment until our first meeting.

Also excluded are any “kings” and “queens” up to and including the current queen of England.

17.13) Since these men, women, or self-styled leaders do not speak for me personally, nor does the Catholic Church speak for me, they CAN NOT NEGOTIATE TREATIES or CONTRACTS that have any measurable negative effect upon my life, my body, my mind, or my soul.

17.14) This means that they (those attempting to speak for me in Treaty without my consent) can be held accountable and be punished for such acts, on a much higher level, and also be held accountable for any and all harm, damage, or disruption to my body, mind, heart and soul that I experience in this life.

This can happen as a result of denying Me my free will! Because they are denying me my FREEWILL CHOICES, they are specifically claiming that free will does not exist, and therefore have no claim to Free Will for themselves.

Definition of Earthly Visitor and Off Worlder: (Those not born on this planet), whether Human or Non-Human, whether from this, or any other dimension, whether from any other alternative or parallel, space and time.
Definition of a living being: Any incarnated man or woman, or any other being that is not machine based…, but in fact lives and breathes in an organic nature.


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  1. This is a post from justworldview:

    Do you or your ‘Prime Creator’ have enough handwavium?
    If you or your Prime Creator can simply suspend all people on this planet from all their activities, immediately, and have a court system where all the person’s memories, their past activities are clearly out in the open, and a person can provide all the evidence needed to sustain the arguments, then a certain conclusion can be clearly made, in regards to who is guilty of what, and how that person should be judged. For me, this can happen anytime from here on, and with all the evidence provided and with all the records out there, everything can be shown as to whom is guilty of what.
    Do you want the truth about how multiple people from multiple countries created the so called condition of ‘enslavement’ and manipulation? US is not the only country involved, and one of the biggest suspects up to date are the countries from Asia, whom few, if not many people decide to bother to look them up, mostly because a lot of people cannot understand their language and thus don’t really bother with them. China is one of the biggest mentions and for a good reason. China is corrupt beyond reason, with their Chinese Communist Party. There is no rule of law in China, to the CCP, the rule of law you so much hold dear in this blog is ignored and does not exist. To the CCP, there is only opinion, and if the opinion is opposing the Chinese Communist Party, then that person in the territory that the Chinese Communist Party claims to have jurisdiction will likely be arrested, tortured and sometimes disappear. This is far worse than those ‘crimes’ that the US manages to commit to it’s people. The CCP did organ trafficking to it’s own people, inside their own territory. China is both very corrupt, polluted, with 80% of it’s population below poverty line, according to correct benchmarks, not some benchmarks that simply lower the poverty line restrictions as to make less people go into the statistic of poverty. China a lot of corruption in terms of gambling, bribing and proof of that is Macau, which has triple the revenue of Las Vegas. And not to forget, the biggest coverup of China in the past 16 years is the attacks that Falun Gong members have suffered at the hands of the CCP. These people were practicing harmless tai chi, that was healthy for its old unhealthy population, suffering from the effects of pollution. And for practicing it, and becoming healthy, these people have been persecuted, raped, beaten down and stolen their own organs because there are no healthy people around but those who were practicing tai chi. It is beyond despicable, to do this to their own people. Despite the atrocities the ‘US’ commited, they never did that to their own people(as far as I know).
    And guess what, Russia is allied to this country of ‘China’. Just how long can Russia tolerate the crimes that China commited to it’s own people of China and of course how long can they stand up to the Chinese corruption in that regime? It’s not Russia’s business? I don’t think so. How about the fact that the communist party symbol formed of a hammer and sickle, is a form of a stylized swastika? That hammer and sickle, as a symbol, points out to a counter-clockwise type of movement, just like the swastika does. It spins to the left. The communists are leftists, and as ridiculous as it is, so were the so called ‘nazis’. Those too were leftists. The only true ‘right-ists’ were those who had the symbol of sauwastica, which is a reverse symbol, and was used by Buddha in it’s meditations. But swastika? Swastika is a tantric symbol belonging to ‘Kali’. That’s the truth. So what does it mean? That whatever happened in Germany back then 80 years ago is nothing short of ‘one side of the both sides’. The truth? All these big countries, US, Russia and China have been set up from the beginning on a losing script where the losing script gets them to fight themselves against eachother.
    Communists are Left wing and so called ‘Fascists’ were Left wing too! There was NO right wing from the beginning. The only right wing movement was started by Lao Tzu, then Buddha, and later on people like Socrates, Plato and Jesus. That’s as far, the right wing movement came to go. And guess what. Falun Gong is using sauwastica, the same way Buddha did. And while losing yourself in symbols is not that important, however it is good to know their morals. Buddha had the right views, Jesus had right views too, but whatever is left of his work is gospel and promises, which are left to be fullfilled. Some would say Jesus had left wing tendencies(the supper) and other things that are associated with ‘tantric’ -> and thus leftist, but let’s not get to a script where leftists would next up support Jesus, not sure how would that turn out. In the script that is written, Jesus is portrayed as having right wing tendencies while at the same time had some left wing(tantric), but soft practices going. “Drink from this wine as if it was my blood…” That’s tantric. And guess what. The biggest usurpers of this society are long suspected of bringing ‘saviors’ that are not truly ‘ready’ and thus become good only to use them as a means to delude more people in the future. The fact and reality is, all that is ‘tantric’ in nature creates exchanges, and some of them can go from a non-violent nature to a violent nature. Is this having to do with ‘Ishtar’, so called goddess of ‘war, love, sex’? Or is this having old ties with the oldest religion, that is Hinduism, and one of the all powerful gods as it is portrayed in those writings, ‘Kali’? Thus, some would ask, ‘Is Kali dead yet?’
    Discoridanism points out to ‘Eris Kallisti Discordia’ also, probably known as ‘Kali’. Do some people want to either worship or ressurect that entity?
    This is the biggest problem. The so called ‘jews’ that are in charge, some would say they are ‘fake jews'(because they don’t follow either the commandments or the noahide laws), ‘ashkenazi jews’, or ‘zionists’. What do all these people have in common? A lot of people belonging in these groups are discordians by their thoughts and behavior. All of them. If they manage to create discord and not follow the ‘God’s laws’, then it seems they serve this ‘Kali’ god. Is it possible that, this is the ‘god’ they have been serving all along?
    There is no way around avoiding serving this discordian God, but to go to a Buddhist-like path, and use the teachings of ‘Tao Te Ching’ as a word of wisdom.
    Now that it’s clear that Communists and Fascists were all Left wing, and there was no ‘right wing’ movement from the beginning, then it’s clear who would be friend or enemy now.
    Russia supports China. China is clearly a communist or fascist state. They have commited the worst atrocities to it’s people and don’t have any concern for their own people, only the ‘Party leaders’ and the ‘Chinese Communist Party’. These people are, bad. Russia, despite it’s great ‘leader’, despite it being ‘leader of the white race’, is supporting this regime, which means, despite it all, that Russia is possibly corrupted by China, and Putin is just a good face for people to worship and keep their hopes up. In reality, China has been funded by the IMF, The People’s Bank of China, which does not belong to the People of China, but only to the Communist Party, has done some bad policies over the years like helping only specific parties of the CCP to enhance creation of cities, that would later become ghost cities, and could not get people out of rural poverty, and instead of helping the people from rural backgrounds, it instead attempted to put them in a ‘Macrochip’ that is a City.
    Because Russia supports China, Russia is not really a ‘hope’. It’s a half-rotten apple, with the good guys feeling great telling how good Russia is and how it’s good to be activists working for the greater good, but of course, with Russia good scenario, but, the part that ‘Russia is helping China’ and ‘China is run by CCP’ and ‘CCP is evil beyond measure’ is heavily overlooked. And because of it, the ‘alt-wing’ or ‘alt-right’ establishment is half-rotten, and thus half fake.
    This is how bad it is. There is no real ‘good guy’ there, but there’s some hope with Russia.
    Let’s go further. How about Japan and South Korea? Well in those countries, some of them have anime, ranging various sci-fi topics, from superpowers to reality bending or altering and time travel.
    And just look at some of the anime, and some of the actors had a past involving satanism. And also let’s not forget that the anime Dragon Ball Super, that has an interesting plot going, where there is a tournament where the top 10 representatives of each universe fight eachother, and whenever all 10 representatives of one universe are out of the stage, so is the universe, meaning that whole universe is erased out of existence. While the plot for some was interesting, what about the past, putting an afro guy in the anime, in the character and giving it the name satan?
    What if I told you that the individuals who give directions in private companies from both China, Japan and South Korea have either the thought reading technology to them (companies from Japan most likely have them or have a third party providing it), and most likely countries like China have the ability to know what you’re doing, you’re writing and the surroundings around you(the company Tencent from China has the ability to know what you’re writing, and doing, not sure about the thinking part). The ability of ‘Tencent’ from China to know what you’re doing and writing is not limited to any part or location. What if I told you that a company from China can know what you’re doing and writing, if they watch you, even from 10000 miles away, while you’re living or traveling in Europe, and telling you that they’re watching you and know what you are doing and are putting it in public space, in an anime or using character’s anime and plots to simply prove that they know who you are and what you are doing? The same applies to the US too, they did it with their own tv shows.
    The so called ‘BRICS’ which at this point is only ‘RC’ (Russia and China) has proven to be the same side that was backing US in the past(some people always claim it is Israel). And to simply add, that the US, Russia and China are run by the same ‘individuals’, as proof of that, is the Space Program. They have been cooperating from start to end, the so called ‘nwo’ has a bad guy and a good guy. The bad guy has been chosen to be the ‘US’ and the good guy, well Russia, with it’s close ally, China. Well there is the point of view that there is diplomacy and cooperation between these countries.
    And let’s not forget, the CCP has the most ridiculous laws, especially regarding the internet. If a place in Sweden is named ‘Falun’, then that place does not exist on Google Maps in China. Or any other maps for that matter. Just to supress ‘Falun Gong’.
    For the end… If this ‘Prime Creator’ is so kind and allowing, of letting a discordian outcome to get so that the whole Universe is destroyed, then I have to ask, how do I know, your ‘Prime Creator’ is not Kali? And as ridiculous as it is, you’re just the ‘other side’ who gives a good light to the same ‘god’ they are all worshipping? After all, your email address is ‘yandex’. Yandex is associated with the russians and of course they have been proven in the past and now in the present to be just as compromised as the americans. Both Russians and Americans have ties to China, and guess what, they are fighting eachother. Who wins? China… And probably Japan and Korea… So much for the white race leaders… Fighting eachother.
    To recap, Japan and Korea had ties in the past in regards to satanism and has in the present, and any other gods(shinto) for that matter. China and it’s communist party is atheist and despises Christianity. China with all it’s actions against Christianity and other religions, have been proven to be the anti-christ. Russia, the ‘orthodox christian leader’, is allied with China, the hater of Christianity, an Atheist regime and against the rule of law. Oh, and let’s not forget, despite all appearances, China is marxist, just like the so called ‘Soros’.
    So, to make the story short, Japan gets some hope and good storylines through it’s anime, but have possibly bad roots linked to satanism, South Korea likely the same(even though they have the biggest tech progress thanks to Samsung), China with it’s regime has proven to be bad, anti-christ, anti-buddha and against rule of law, and Russia is portrayed by the media as being the good guy, but allied with China, the anti-christ.
    The European Union now is starting to form ties with them(China), and thus Russia. And the US, well the US was corrupt in the past, and Trump hopefully will do something about it, or they are too influenced by this subversion.
    The reality of the current world looks like there’s no real hero, just bad guys fighting other bad guys, and some ‘bad guys’ try to look good in the process to appease the masses.
    So now the truth is, even if you Bradley promote the truth, how many people will it reach? Will your truth ever reach the Chinese, with the majority of people knowing only their own language, and how long before your blog would be banned by the CCP on the Great Firewall of China? Do you have the language to reach SK and Japan too?
    This is bigger than the US. It’s like playing whack-a-mole. You do one good, three others show up. In the US, you have to fix the so called ‘leftists’. Want to know the truth about CNN?
    Just call CNN for what it is… Chinese News Network.
    The whole US media is just as corrupt and similar to the Chinese media. Your ‘leftists’ and uneducated people, and the debt and the trade balance of the US, were made at the benefit of the Chinese since the 1970s. China probably was good before the Tianamen Square events in 1989. That was in the period when Deng Xiaoping was in charge from 1978 to 1987. But after that, China was bad and is still bad.
    Can you, Bradley and your Prime Creator put in Court, every big Chinese oligarch or member of the Poliburto comittee, every big Russian oligarch, every top Japanese businessman and every SK businessman and let’s not forget, mr. Kim with it’s threats? Oh and of course all the big businessmen from Europe, including UK and it’s probably corrupt royalty. And sure, even the US shills too. Pretty much everyone on this planet would need to end up in Court… sadly.
    So I ask you, Bradley… Just how long is your ‘Prime Creator’ sit by and watch?
    Or is your ‘Prime Creator’, Kali? Just like every other worshipper, who say it worships ‘God’, ‘Allah’, but in reality, with all the actions and their thoughts, are proven to be worshipping ‘Kali’?
    Either Justice comes today, and simply suspends all activities of people of this planet, brings up Judgement on each person on this planet, brings up all their records, and a great and fair judgement comes.
    If not, then all the good people will, is to stay informed, and attempt to create that system of Justice and good morals, and integrate them into that system. But how long will that take? 2-5 years? 10 years? or never? Sure there are solutions, but are slow.
    Currently there is a high percentage of uneducated people who at this point of time don’t have the knowledge, the will and the power to do what is right. You called them snowflakes or weak-willed people. For that, the guilty party is none other than the media, the educational system and the law system being corrupted and who worked together to create a bad world.
    So to you, Bradley, and your ‘Prime Creator’, it’s either a Divine Intervention where it stops everything on this planet here and now, moves them into another world, judges them with all the knowledge, technology and evidence combined, skips all the pain and effort needed to even give the hope that a good system will ever be created that is fair and just, and from there on, with the truth, a better direction will be established. So I ask…
    Do you, or your Prime Creator, have enough handwavium to make it happen?
    Or we the good people, a small minority, with endless work hours / part-time work hours dedicated to building a new and better system from scratch will make it happen?
    A Great Judgement here and now would be great…
    To quote the beginning of this article:
    If you or your Prime Creator can simply suspend all people on this planet from all their activities, immediately, and have a court system where all the person’s memories, their past activities are clearly out in the open, and a person can provide all the evidence needed to sustain the arguments, then a certain conclusion can be clearly made, in regards to who is guilty of what, and how that person should be judged. For me, this can happen anytime from here on, and with all the evidence provided and with all the records out there, everything can be shown as to whom is guilty of what.
    Do you or your ‘Prime Creator’ have enough handwavium?


  2. Hi Bradley,
    as I have been writing in an another comment
    I am just reading the articles from the Anna
    von Reitz.
    In her article Nr. 30 I found the definition for
    the term “person” and this term means a “corporation”!

    In your delaration you are also using the term “person”.
    For instance in 17.7.1

    Do you really mean to be a corporation ?

    Here is the excerpt from her article:

    “The actual Congress of the united States of America ceased functioning on March 28, 1861 when it adjourned sine die for lack of quorum. As a stop-gap, Lincoln formed The United States, Incorporated, and installed the remaining members of Congress as a Board of Directors. It was at this juncture that the “federal corporation” recorded at 28 USC 3002 15 (A) came into being.
    Acting in 1862, this “Congress” changed the meaning of a single word. That word is “person”. For the purposes of their private, for-profit governmental services corporation, they redefined the word “person” to mean “corporation”. See 37th Congress, Second Session, Chapter 119, Section 68 – “Manufactures, Articles, and Products”.

    All my love

    • Hi Det!

      Thank you for your comment. And thank you for pointing that out! It is true…, that in “THEIR” definition a “person” may be a corporation.
      However…, please see how I very cleverly took care of that right off the bat.

      Please see this section…, 2.2

      2.2) This Declaration is my own creation! Therefore, let it be known that I alone am the final arbiter, and the final authority on what it means, and what I meant it to say! I REMOVE ALL permission and consent for ANY of these words to be used against me in any way, shape, or form, because this is my CREATION – and it was never created with the intent to harm its creator! If there are any questions at all concerning a word, (even if those words are “and” – “or” – or any other words) and what they mean in relationship to this Declaration, and what I meant these words to say, then simply post a comment under this Declaration…, and I will answer your question! NOTICE: Only the definition that I give will be used.

      So since you very clearly asked…, and sent a request…, just as “THEY” have the ability to do. I will clearly answer your question.

      NO…, is the answer to your query. I do NOT mean that I am a corporation by using the word “person” in that sentence.

      What I mean to say is that a physical human being MUST SHOW UP with their physical body and in the presence of my physical body…, negotiate any issues, matters, contracts or treaties!
      That is what I meant…, and now…, this has been settled PUBLICLY…, for everyone to see!

      Thank YOU…..

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