By: Bradley Loves


Years ago…, I was told by an aquaintence that Alex Jones was Co-Intel Pro!

It looks like the verifiable proof of that assertion has finally come out in the form of a few drops from Q!

Some of my readers suggested this…, but as we’ve found out so many times with the followers of the NEW AGE…., “belief” in something is NOT necessarily PROOF of TRUTH.

Many New Agers have held “beliefs” that are not only incorrect…, but are downright SATANIC!

Thus…, I needed to be certain!


So here is Q’s drop:

Sadly…, in this great game of CONS and COUNTER CONS…, it is a real challange to know who is actually telling the TRUTH!

Both sides – GOOD and EVIL – have “infiltrated” the other’s side and have operatives who are walking, talking, and acting AS IF…, they are on that side!

Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi would be two good examples (if what Q is saying is accurate).

The only purpose for DARK HATS to be pretending to be WHITE HATS is:

  • To give all of the people that hear them (who must be told according to Cosmic Law) forewarning of what the DARK intends to do…
  • To be able to spread lies and mis-information at certain critical moments in time that will give them the balance of power when they need it.

The purpose for WHITE HATS to pretend to be DARK HATS would be so that the DARK gets supremely over confident in its “assumed” control of unfolding events and at a critical moment in time…, to TURN what they thought was a guaranteed victory…, into a failure simply because several CRITICAL PEOPLE who they assumed were Dark…, were actually White Hats…, that were only “acting dark” and “doing bad things” just to TURN ON THE DARK at the most inopportune time when they needed them the most.

Needless to say…, HUMAN BEINGS were never this EVIL in the beginning.

Off worlders entered into our world (our game) and corrupted the GAME BOARD with tactics and behaviours that real human beings were NEVER equipped to deal with.

This is why they (those from outside) so easily came in and took over!

No one living on Earth was ready for these kinds of Draconian tactics because no one could have even imagined them!

There still is a GOD watching it all…, and COSMIC JUSTICE will prevail.

If you sell your soul for money and $…, then you can be assured that your SOUL will be taken down to the lower levels of creation…, this is a fact!

Eternity will not be plesant for these men and women!







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