By: Bradley Loves


Have we collectively gotten to the point where we can safely say that Q-Anon is quite REAL…, and not just an elaborate hoax ??


Are we past the point where some of us still think that Q-Anon is some crazy guy sitting at home in his underwear, typing on his computer keyboard and laughing as he con’s the whole world??




How to do Logic in simple steps…….

Is Q-Anon a real Military Operation ??

  • How many “co-incedences” have to take place within these drops before it becomes MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE?


If Q-Anon is real…, (mathematically probable) then are his “drops” helping humanity or hurting?

  • Has the world become closer (more United) or worse off (more divided) as a result of his efforts??


If Q-Anon is real…, and Q-Anon’s drops are helping humanity…, THEN Q-Anon is “GOOD”!


(2 + 2 = 4)

All my love….



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