By: Bradley Loves




More and more people around the country are answering the call and becoming part of the Q-Anon Phenomenon!

Day by day “Q” is becoming more and more undeniable – and the odds of all of the posts on – now passing the number (1776) – of being “just a larp” or a “conspiracy” – have dropped to practically ZERO!

The Main Stream Media on the other hand is apparently TERRIFIED to ask the President himself if this is a real movement, instead, resorting to calling it a “conspiracy” out of hand, without even bothering to ASK THE WHITE HOUSE IF IT IS TRUE!

Talk about bad journalism!

The press will shout questions at the President from a block away concerning his former Attourney Micheal Cohen…, but when it comes to Q-Anon…, they suddenly have LIP LOCK SYNDROME!

In the image above, you have what “appears” to be one of the many MSM journalists around the world that are so terrified of asking about Q-Anon…, this one has taped his own mouth shut!

Which…, don’t get me wrong…, may, in fact, be a good thing!

But HAVE YOU EVER KNOWN any real journalist to shy away from asking such a simple question?

Apparently, not only is the media lying to the people about what is happening in the News every day…, they are actually IGNORING major news stories – IF THEY DON’T LIKE THEM!

Thank-fully the REAL MEDIA (grass roots) has got it covered!








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