By: Bradley Loves


The insider known as Q – Anon has literally stopped posting.  His last message to the public was over a week ago now!

No reason as to “why” he stopped has been given.

Furthermore, during that time, YouTube, has started “Banning for Life” countless conservative media truthers for reasons which are wholly and totally bogus!

Since it is against the law for them to ban anyone for a political point of view, what they have done is to “label” everything being said on the alternative right as BULLYING and HATE SPEECH!

Thus, they can say they are “helping” and not “harming” everyone.

However…, this is about as EVIL and DISINGENUOUS as it gets.

We are now living in Communist China!

And do you know why this is happening?

It is happening because for the very first time in America’s History most of the “Millenials” actually want to live under SOCIALISM!

They have been taught (in High Schools and Universities) by their liberal teachers to HATE CAPITALISM.

So now, they believe that “anything” that advances the SOCIALIST AGENDA – which is exactly what they want, is perfectly “justified”.

The dangerous ground they are standing on says that because they are MORALLY RIGHT, then forcing others to fall in line with their way is good or godly!

And yes…, that means

  • Throwing away the Bill of Rights
  • Getting rid of Free Speech
  • Having the “Government” get involved in EVERYTHING.
  • Making certain that every man, woman, boy, girl, little baby, and even cat or dog can have a “sex change” if they want one, and have the government PAY for it.
  • Wanting the Government to FORCE anyone who does not allow EVERYTHING they want or agree with to simply go away! (As is happening with the YouTube Bans)

Yes…, the “Millenials” certainly learned a few things during their ridiculous college years.  They learned how to be the perfect VICTIMS!

They are now lashing out at the entire world, and the massive YouTube Channel bans are part of that.

It is almost a certainty that all of the 10,000 or so Censors that were hired by YouTube are in fact “MILLENIALS” who have a very narrow definition of what BULLYING IS or HATE SPEECH IS!

Anyone who challanges them on any issue what so ever is a hater, and thus eventually ALL political dialogue or debate magically becomes HATE SPEECH and BULLYING!

We will be dealing with this for a very LONG TIME!

Thank you “parents” of Millenials for being total As*holes, and raising children who can’t stand to even have a simple political dialogue or a thoughtful debate about anything!


America will be “paying” for it’s mistakes for decades (if not centuries to come.)


However, by and large, the largest portion of them are, and this is the most brainwashed and Mind Controlled Group to ever come out of American Schools.

They are, by all logical standards “insane”.


For all of those unapologetic Barack Obama supporters (who still to this day think that he was a Saint)…


YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter are banning literally countless conservative voices as a result of his eight horrendous years as President of the United States!

Make no mistake here, this would not be happening if he had not been in the White House!

For every single “stupid action” that is committed,  there is a cost!

If you “drink to much” in an single evening of ludicrous celebration, you WILL HAVE A HORRIBLE HANG OVER THE VERY NEXT DAY.

People in America thought that they could put a man like Obama into the White House (with all of his positive beliefs about Radical Islam and Socialism being really good things) and never experience a single negative consequence here in America!

Well, here we are in 2018, and we are now PAYING THE COST of having a man like him sit in the White House for 8 years!

The “fallout” has only just begun.

We are now in the Barack Obama “HANG OVER PHASE”.

The “CENSORS” at YouTube are only the tip of the “hang over iceberg”.  You’ve also got college kids at Berkeley protesting AGAINST FREE SPEECH!


Think on this, and REMEMBER just who it was that desperately wanted BARACK OBAMA as their President!!






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