Just to keep everyone up to date with what is really happening behind the scenes, I am posting an audio and two videos of great interest.

First there is the Audio Number 10 of Q News Patriot.

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Next is the most recent Gene Decode Interview:

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The group above is talking about Time-Lines, Freewill, Choice, and what is coming in the future.  Very interesting stuff.  Gene also says (as I have said over and over again) that WE HAVE A CHOICE in what happens to us – and which Time-Line we are on.

It is our choices and our actions and our thinking that  – “MOVES US” – into whatever Time-Line we resonate with the most.  That is why some will be going onto the destruction Time-Line while others with be going on the Ascension Time-Line.

You would be very wise to REVIEW the three videos that I’ve done on REALITY CREATION (find them on Rumble) to comprehend just how you can “move yourself” onto a better Time-Line by thinking and acting in ways that are Loving and filled with Awareness.

I don’t think it’s an “accident” that my current series is titled:  WHAT HAPPENS NEXT IS UP TO US, or that the current category for all of my posts is:  THE NEXT MOVE BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE

Watch the Gene Decode video and see if I’m wrong…

Thirdly – I think it is time for everyone to give this young lady a look:

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Finally, Love Truth Site will be posting a very important podcast in the next few days. 

The first one is simply a recording of a conversation that Luke and I had one day, but the one after that will be extremely important to hear.  You really don’t want to miss it, so look for it.

Furthermore – there will be a brand new Audio that anyone can listen to up on the sign up page in the Audio Book section in the next day or so for FREE!  It is called:  REVISITING THE GREAT CON – PART ONE

This is a three part series and I will place all three audios on the sign up page so anyone can listen!

Thank you so much to all of my loyal readers and listeners.  We ARE going to get through this and by staying with Love Truth Site, you are doing your part to vibrate a high rate of TRUTH!

All my love


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