By: Bradley Loves


What many people may or may not know is that in the “PEDO WORLD” the word “chickens” is used to describe young boys or children who are slaves!

Is it lost on anyone else that SO MANY ACTORS IN HOLLYWOOD are suddenly very concerned about the “treatment of chickens”???

Okay…, if you watch the video you’ll see that these actors are calling upon (McDonald’s) to eleminate the “worst” treatment of “the chickens”.

So…, let’s just assume that (McDonald’s) is just a place holder for every big name in Hollywood who owns or takes part in CHILD SLAVERY!  And, for the purposes of this video it is being used sort of like a “code word”.

Are these actors begging their Hollywood peers to get rid of the worst types of child abuse of their child slaves??

Could this video have been done because many people in Hollywood has been informed that the HAMMER is about to drop in Washington DC?

Could it be that their “protectors” in Washington DC can no longer effectively HIDE them from public scrutiny and these Actors are begging all of their peers that are involved in using young children as CHILD SLAVES to stop and start treating them better??

Is this video about just about the oddest video you can ever imagine seeing??


Furthermore…, “McDonalds” was implicated by two kids in Great Britian who claimed their father was a SATANIST!    They claimed that the local McDonalds in Hampstead was complicit and involved in Child Abuse and Satanic activities!

  • Are MORE Mcdonald’s around the world involved as well???
  • Do the Actors in Hollywood KNOW THIS???

I think there is much more to this video than meets the eye!!  What do YOU THINK??






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