Joseph Day

How can I take control of my capitalized letter name?


See the website of Anna von Reitz…


Study Anna’s knowledge of the subject matter:  Over a thousand posts.

See post 928 (Basic Forms)


Fill out Basic forms if you are choosing to “Change your legal Status” from US Citizen to American National!

Record all Documents with a clerk of the court!


Notice to my Readers:  Your ALL CAPS name is NOT YOU.  It is a corporation and therefore is subject to ALL US Courts and Laws!

You are a living and breathing human being…, and if your “status” is correct, no US Court or Law has any jurisdiction over you as a human being!

The only Common Laws that you can not break are:

  • Do not kill anyone or phyically harm another human beings body!
  • Do not harm or do damage to (or steal) another human beings property!

These Laws even American Nationals have to follow!

All other “laws” are merely Statutes…, and are only for “CITIZENS” who choose to be a CITIZEN.

A “citizen” is a glorified name for a SLAVE….

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