Dear Readers,

I love and cherish every single comment I get in the comment section.  However, some of them I just can not post.  If you wish to call attention to any individuals that I am showcasing here on Love Truth Site and wish to say they are imposters, or are giving out misinformation or fake information – then please SAY WHY you feel this and then present what proof you have to back up that kind of claim!

Otherwise – your comment is simply a negative slam on someone without even backing up what you say with any findable facts or verifiable research to back that up.

Thank you for your understanding this since we have a deep respect for the TRUTH here.  Here at Love Truth Site – we present facts, not fiction. We always back up the posts and articles that are written with videos, articles, and cross reference them with others who are saying the SAME THINGS.

In this way – we are not just throwing out personal ideas and opinions.  If your claims can be proven, then we will most certainly post that.

All my love…



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