For over two long years…, Democrats have “verbally” BURNED AT THE STAKE any American who dared to deny “our countries diversity” by electing an OLD WHITE MAN as President!

Suddenly “white people” were very bad…, and “white men” were even worse…, but the CRIME OF ALL CRIMES in our modern day was being an “OLD WHITE MAN”.

Old white Men are the reason for all of the worlds problems…, and Old white men don’t really even deserve to BREATH.

So you can imagine my SHOCK and my SURPRISE when the Democratic front runners for President are two of the OLDEST and WHITEST MEN alive!

You just can’t make this stuff up!

Democrats have NO SHAME!   They are pure – total hypocrites!

Their words are empty and meaningless because they are LIES!  No matter what they say…, they don’t follow it…, but only want YOU to follow it!

See this article from Breitbart!


Women of Color’ Slam ‘Racist and Sexist’ Polls Showing Old, White Men Leading Democrat Field


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