By: Bradley Loves


In the aftermath of his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump tweeted this:

Simple – yet subtle.  Oh what a difference a “capital letter” makes.

When criticised for not believeing all of the “Intelligence” Agencies who said that Russia had meddled in the American election…, he tweeted:

I have great confidence in – “MY” intelligence people…


Simple – yet subtle.

Trump does not care to “believe” every damn thing the DOJ – FBI – CIA and other “intelligence” agencies tell him…, but DOES believe what his OWN intelligence people are telling him!

People like “Q-Anon” for instance, and Admiral Rodgers and General Flynn!

Yes…, he DOES value HIS intelligence people…, but not “THE” intelligence people!


And once again…, you’ve had a lesson on reading what is NOT printed on the page…, but is said between the lines!




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