By: Bradley Loves


Only a decade ago…, real time and honest information could still be found!

Whistle-blowers were starting to come out of the wood work…, and a clear “picture” of what was really happening on Earth was starting to come out.

This is not really true today!

If you are a “newbie” at looking for honest information…, there is now a dark cloud hovering over the interent called: INTERNET TROLLS.

These are “paid” dis-information agents…, who earn “six figure” salaries to sit at home and spread dis-information!

They are in possession of NSA/CIA created tools which allow them to have as many as 100 “fake identities” or “avatars” on various blogs, chat rooms and websites.

This “tool” allows them to keep each “fake identity” straight so they can USE THEM to make comments…, and push “agenda driven” ideas and beliefs upon the unsuspecting public…, which thinks that “Johnny Know-it-all” is a real and true human being with a real “opinion”.

In fact…, “Johnny Know-it-all” is a NSA/CIA paid employee with over 100 other on-line persona’s…, and is being PAID lots and lots of money to push the “agenda” of the ELITE.

These men (or women) who are usually quite computer savy…, and mostly quite young (and who have no real ethics or morals they care about) are only too happy to get paid a hundred thousand dollars per year to sit at home in their underwear in front of a computer screen all day long…, and SCREW WITH PEOPLE’S MINDS.

They think it’s a laugh!

This is the “nature” of the “Internet” today!

More and more “articles” are being written…, and more and more “ideas” are being pushed which are clearly bizzare and satanic…, but…, are coming from paid men and women who are the FRONT LINE for the OLIGARCHS in their world wide take over campaign!


Divide and Conquer can not take place until Earth’s population is so mis-informed and so lied to…, that no one knows what the TRUTH actually is any longer!

This is a “stated goal” of the CIA!

From William Casey:

We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False.”

Taken from this Sourc:

Flashback: “We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False.”

This is why…, (as I posted in my very last article)…, that THINKING is more important than ever!

You see…, DISCERNMENT is very important!  But…, and here is where the NEW AGER’s need to just listen, and shut for a moment!

Most young people can not tell the DIFFERENCE between Discernment and Non-Judgement!

They aren’t OLD ENOUGH (I didn’t say not smart enough)…, they are NOT OLD ENOUGH to understand there is a big difference between the two…, and the differences are very subtle.

Instead of taking this into account…, the NEW AGE plods on…, handing out “ideals” which are being wholly mis-understood by countless YOUNG people.

“Discernment”…, means you need to THINK!

You MUST THINK in order to DISCERN.

Discernment is NOT…, and I repeat…, NOT…, something that only happens in your gut.  It is NOT…, something that you just “feel”…, as in whether an idea makes you “feel” happy or “sad”.


This “involves” what some New Agers have broadly labeled as:


Therefore…, the younger generation…, not being “old enough” to really understand there is a difference…, has taken the idea of non-judgement to mean NON THINKING!



Now that they have convinced an entire generation that “THINKING” is bad…, they have put into place (hired) 10’s of thousands of INTERNET TROLLS who have no conscience and no values!

These trolls are pumping out interesting sounding and semi-“feel good” ideas.., which are totally bogus…, and which will lead to the destruction of society!

(Which “pronoun” do you use??)


Men like:

George Soros (A Globalist and a Satanist) who has Billions of dollars at his disposal…, is paying the salaries of these men and women who are doing nothing but telling LIES (and could care less that they are doing it.)

The younger generation…, who has taken the New Age idea of “non-judgement”…, to an illogical extreme, are reading this stuff…, and lapping up every false story and “feel good” idiocy that these trools can come up with.

….Don’t wear purple…, it’s sexist!…. (Etc.)

Every day…, as I read on the internet…, (and I do read from a huge variety of websites)…, you can see this idocy coming to the front and it’s staggering to watch!

If I were to spend all my time only reading in “NEW AGE” circles…, or “SCIENTIFIC” circles…, or “WHISTLE BLOWER” circles…, or “ALT MEDIA” circles…, I would be missing the bigger picture!

That is why I continue to read as much as I can, from ALL SOURCES without “judging” (there you go New Agers) if it is too negative, or too much like FEAR PORN to be read.

However…, because I do read from the entire spectrum…, I get to see that tons of the articles that are being written…, are being written by DIS-INFO agents.

This was not the case only a decade ago!

We as a SOCIETY must “get it together” and start really taking a good hard LOOK at what is out there…, and…, what we are willing to “just believe”.

I’ve been told by many New Agers…, that my “problem” is that I just can’t get past my doubts…, and that I should “just believe”…


With all of the dis-information being put out on a daily basis by the TROLLS?

I should just believe?

Here is a last word of unsolicited advice for the New Agers!

I’ve come to find that many (real time as we speak) New Age blogs & bloggers are ALSO part of the paid dis-information effort!

….They all seem to be “so nice”…, and post such “uplifting New Age” articles…, how could they be paid dis-info agents?

This is the point!

First they gain your trust!  They then post many things that are already floating around out there…, and that you could find anywhere…

And once they’ve been up and running for several months…, (and gained your trust as a valid New Age source) they start posting things (occasionally) which are part and parcel of the NEW WORLD ORDER’S AGENDA.

They “disguise” it however…, under the cloak and blanket of NON JUDGEMENT.

(I’ve seen a few “on the fringe” websites already beta-testing the “idea” of adult/child sex as simply a “personal preference” that should not be “judged”…, to see how well it might gain traction with the NEW AGE people.)

These posts continue on to say that even if you don’t want to “do it yourself” you should NOT judge those who do because “God” does not judge them…(Because we are “ALL ONE”)

This is just the most blatant example…, but there are much more subtle examples of “idea” coming from the NEW WORLD ORDER…, now being pushed toward the public through NEW AGE BLOGS that are being run by their own paid “TROLLS”.


Reading on the Internet is no longer Easy…, and please…remember this:





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