By: Bradley Loves

In the course of my day (doing research)…, I go to many websites across the spectrum.  I go to ones I agree with…, and go to ones I don’t agree with, just to see what they post…, and to see if there is something I can learn from them.

Many of the sites I go to are absolute trash…, but once in a great while…, there is a gem posted.

This particular website is relatively new…, and “prides” itself on telling  the “truth”.

In fact, at one time, it had a by-line on it saying:


It is called:


By now…, I am almost convinced it is a shill website being run by PAID FOR CIA disinformation agents…, who post just enough truth to keep people coming back so they can then deliver a BAD PAYLOAD!

There is really very little truth on this site…, so the idea they are a DISCLOSURE WEBSITE is laughable, simply because of what gets posted on a daily basis.

Today…, I went there…, and instead of really well thought out and in depth articles…, I found the ENTIRE FRONT PAGE covered with almost all CHANNELED MATERIAL.

How can a website which posts ONLY channeled stuff even CLAIM to be passing on the TRUTH?

At the best of times…, channeled stuff is hardly ever accurate…, and at the worst of times is downright FICTION.

Yet…, here it is…, and so-called TRUTH and DISCLOSURE SITE…, running nothing but CHANNELED STUFF.

Here are two screen shots I took of parts of the front page to show you what I mean.

image image

There is more…, but you get the idea.

Channeling, channeling, channeling!  That’s all that NEW AGEY people will listen to any longer.

They have totally abdicated their own ability to think for themselves, and sit at the feet of “ENTITIES” on a daily basis…, lapping up every word as if it’s GOSPEL!

Well, maybe it is!

What is the word GOSPEL?


What is a “spell” if not a MAGIC SPELL?

And the New Agers just can’t seem to drag themselves away from the MIND CONTROL MAGIC of CHANNELING OR CHANNELED ENTITES.

It’s just sad!


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