By: Bradley Loves


This is going to be a first sort of “baby-step” if you will, of engaging my readers with a subject that is vitally important for every man, woman, and child to know…, and yet has been so completely OBSCURED from their memories, that it will at first make almost no sense!

Because they have lived their entire lives in total and abject ignorance…, the TRUTH of what really is…, compared to what they thought really was, will seem both confusing, and ridiculous!

Just like the character “NEO” asked in complete confusion as he looked up at Morpheus for the very first time once he was safely aboard the hover-craft “Nebekenezer” in the movie called:  The Matrix,

Why do my eyes hurt?

The answer, given very sympathetically to a confused Neo by Morpheus, did absolutely NOTHING to help his confusion…, and only confused him more, simply because he had no clue at the time what the truth was, or what the “reality” he thought he had been living in was!

That simple answer…, given to NEO (the ONE), by Morpheus was this:

Your eyes hurt, because you’ve never used them before…..

In very much the same way as happened in the movie…, these dual subjects of Magnetics and Harmonics…, which are both basic and fundamental to our Planet, and indeed to all human beings living here, will seem just as confusing and outlandish, since even though the understanding of these things really is the TRUTH…, (and common knowledge in the rest of the universe) people living here have NEVER been told, nor been taught what the UNIVERSE really is, and how it works!

Instead…, just as it happened in the Matrix…, where NEO and all of the other “sleepers” who had yet to be “unplugged”, were living in a fictionally created “dreamworld”, where everything that they had ever been told or taught was a lie…,

Humanity that is living on the Earth at this time is living in a fictionally created “dreamworld” where everything that they have ever been told or taught IS A LIE!

The LIE…, of course, has been “created” by those who belong to SECRET SOCIETIES, and who have been the care-takers of ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE.

Instead of sharing what they knew with humanity…, they decided to use that knowledge to completely enslave everyone living on the planet is a sort of MIND DAZE where “reality” simply became what people were told is was!

The expected “reaction” to what I am going to write for you therefore…, is no different than what Morpheus got from Neo…, and the only thing that Morpheus could say at this point to Neo’s total confusion was this:

Be patient Neo…, answers are coming….

So…, this being said…, if I am going to get into HARMONICS…, it will have to be done in almost infinite “baby steps”, so that those who are reading these words can absorb them, and make the proper “connections” inside their brains before they can see that what they are reading really is the truth.

My readers will be no different than NEO, laying on a medical table…, and trying to “open their eyes” for the very first time.


If I were to be asked by a young child living on a planet that was not enslaved by a bunch of inbred, dirty old men who were pedophiles and Satan worshipers, I would say that the Universe is an “Intelligent System” of waves and frequencies, run by an ultimate POWER SOURCE that manifests as: “Electricity” and “Matter”.

As I tried to point out in previous articles…, electricity is heavily connected to magnetics, and is fundamental in the operation of both our planet and our bodies.

What you “see” with your bodies eyes, is a “reconstruction” of both waves and frequencies, that is very much like what a holographic projector does when taking waves and frequencies in raw form, and then intelligently reconstructing them into visible images.

It all seems real…, because your MIND makes it real!  The power of the human mind…, to create, to make solid (or to solidify) base frequencies into solid matter, is therefore nothing more than advanced science.

The science of HARMONICS therefore deals with the complete knowledge of frequencies, and how to use them in beneficial ways to enhance life!

Since no one knows this, and have never been taught this…, then it would at first glance seem fantastical…, if not magical!

What all of the new agers (who worship the so-called “Galactics”) should know, is that the knowledge of how to create with your mind is simply the knowledge of the Science of Harmonics.

The “inbred” Satanic Folks have been studying both harmonics…, and to a much greater extent, magnetics for a very long time.  This is why many of them have “achieved” a level of mastery over their own mental ability to use their bodies natural flow of raw electricity, to create a magnetic push or a pull on certain ideas, thoughts, objects or other matter (both subtle and gross.)

They have become skilled magneticians…, or in simpler terms: MAGICIANS.

They see themselves as “special” because they have not forgotten the “old ways” of the ANCIENTS who once lived upon the Earth, and also who did most of the work with their MINDS ALONE!

Moving huge megalithic rocks, weighing tons…, could be done with the mind.  And later…, after that skill had been forgotten…, it was done by focusing harmonic frequencies using special tools.

I invite you to read this linked article below before I write more!  Here is the link…, there is a lot of information in it.  Read it carefully…, and tomorrow…, If it seems as if there is any real interest…, I will write more!

For now…

All my love





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