Please be aware of just how important it is to KNOW about how reality gets created.  When I first wrote Part One of THE TRIUMPHANT – I dumped cosmically vital information into the laps of people all around the world that is incredibly advanced!

Not only that – I gave people world wide an opportunity to know what the beings from very high levels of creation are concerned about!  This was a monumental “gift” that if seen in the right perspective can and will change EVERYTHING.

I handed over to the “White Hats” an “EARTH FOR DUMMIES – HOW TO CREATE REALITY” – Hand Book that is basically a “how to book” – that they have YET to even thank me for. 

Instead – I got arrested, shot, and jailed for my trouble.

This hateful response is a “chess move” that they will all regret long after this GREAT AWAKENING is said and done with!  I have yet to move a single piece on the chess board (in response) to their cosmically criminal attack.

Aside from that – there are much bigger fish to fry at the moment!


Not only did I “Show and Tell” the White Hats what these Higher Dimensionals were actually doing, but by giving them this information – I was basically HANDING THEM A SEAT AT THE COSMIC BARGAINING TABLE.

Because with this vital information – they could now compete with higher beings and understand the “game” at a much higher level!

Yet another “gift” that I handed over freely which they have never even thanked me for!

So what is the true purpose of this post?

It is to give you the reader some pause and to get you “aligned” with how the beings from much higher levels and dimensions THINK.

They think in terms of “reality manifestation” and “reality creation” – and can not even begin to understand how and why we here on Earth would use our MINDS to create such horror and terror for ourselves.

In their opinion – it is like watching a child fill his own diaper and then take the contents of the messy diaper and rub it all over the walls and the floor.   In their opinion – we don’t even realize that our own WASTE (wrong thinking) needs to be dealt with differently so that it does not create chaos and a mess.

This lack of understanding begins with EDUCATION in their opinion – and what we do to our own children in public schools is a CRIME from their point of view.  WE dumb down our children.  They are horrified with that – because to actually create stupid children is a sure sign of a race that wants to Destroy itself.

Our teachers (world wide) are Socialist/Communist/Satanist – and they want to destroy reality – not help to make it better.

These “school teachers” need to be arrested and jailed for child abuse.


If you’ve got any extra time – PLEASE spend some time reading this cosmically ADVANCED information.

All my love…


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