By: Bradley Loves

This piece was submitted to me by a reader named Valerie, who got it off of Operation Disclosure.

She sent it to me because she has “concerns”.

Because this is simply a piece that “questions” …, (not a CNN HATE PIECE), and questioning is something we should all always do, I will post it, and then provide the MISSING LINK so to speak in this seekers thought process.

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously



It’s come to my attention that anyone who has worked for the Government, especially Presidents are “fronts” to what’s happening behind the scenes and their “controllers”.

Following my intuition and these posts about the RV and these new personalities that have seemed to shift the focus (Kim “Possible” and Jared Rand) on the RV and GCR, has been adding more confusion as well as positive and new energy to the mix.

Along with Q-Anon..etc and others…I have a THEORY.

What if Trump may appear to be doing what we might think to be positive, but in reality…he is using a new way to start a SILENT WAR via the internet and social media platforms: a prime example Twitter, to focus our thoughts and energy to what serves HIM.

He has become the king of those platforms as President of the United States of America.

A platform that we used to empty out all our dense and sometimes personal energetic garbage. What if Trump has access to all this spiritual and new age knowledge and is actually using it to his advantage and creating a timeline that only benefits himself?

What if he’s using CERN as a Portal to access certain technology and using it to shift the new higher frequency energies into fragments of dimensions in between 3D, 4D and 5D?

An example. We should be in 4D and soon to be in 5D. But what if he’s creating fragments in between those dimensions like 4.5D, 4.6D, 4.7D to use that “time” to manipulate the dimensions and timelines to only benefit HIMSELF. And what if he’s using the chemtrails (which have not been eliminated) with nanotechnology that controls our thoughts and behaviors?

Has anyone seen how the “Flu” has just come up and been used? What if he’s using “Gradualization” (term used by Jared Rand) to use this technology and “thought systems” to manipulate us and slowly kill us? As the Dark Agenda is always looking to mass eliminate us in ways that benefit their Matrix and keep us in pain and suffering in an ever ending reincarnation cycle.

I used to think the delay in the RV and GCR was due to the “Dark Agenda” not being fully controlled and subdued for our safety. But what if that has already happened and he himself has the power to control our energy by using this “TOMORROW” agenda?

By creating hope and then killing it with confusing intel about “Great things coming” and “FREEDOM” but in reality he contrasts it with confusing and misleading, dissapointing intel.

What IF this theory is what really is going on behind the scenes and his “Reptilian” background is just a new version of a President in this New Age using advanced AI, Nano-Technology and controlling us with it? What if he learned it from Obama?

I use to believe in Trump (compared to Hilary), but that’s how they’ve always created separation and divided us, to CONTROL. What if he’s just another version of this PLAN to wipe us out but in a more gradual and meticulous way as he’s doing to the Democrats and this “Secret Society,” that which he has always been apart of (Ex 9/11). Have you noticed how long it takes for anything to be released? EX Nunes Memo? Possibly another tool to use against his enemies. Hold it above their heads, make them squeal for as long as humanly possible to HIS own benefit.

I for one watched the SOTU and thought he was the one who was going to bring this new found freedom for our country and create a new timeline that would free of us of these shackles. But the more and more I dig deeper, disclosure has slowed down, the RV has been delayed more times than I can count and there are more and more “people” coming out of nowhere with interesting and hopeful intel but in reality still controlling us in a way to be subservient and “patient.” They haven’t brought any answers, but possibly glimpses of interesting distractions?

The one thing I’ve learned and have awakened to is that our thoughts and emotions DO give us power more than any other being and race in our Universe. That is why they want to control us and use that power against us. I for one am done feeling this rollercoaster of emotions, only hoping that TRUMP or the NEW Republic will finally bring about this new reality.

So from this day forward, I am going to use my energy and thoughts to imagine a new world without TRUMP and all Governments. Because in a 5D reality, we do not NEED any of them. We do not need bureaucrats. We are Sovereign beings with Powers they only DREAM of having. We are SOURCE energy, we are CREATORS and guess what they FEAR more than anything? When we realize that with 100% of our being and COME TOGETHER and DEMAND our FREEDOM.

Open your mind and look deeper into your own intuition and wake up to the fact that WE DO NOT NEED THEM. We are fully capable of creating our own freedom and wealth with just our THOUGHTS in the highest vibration as sovereign beings. That is our POWER. That is OUR FREEDOM. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

Lets start to use it with every single cell of your body resonating at 100% pure belief that I AM the resurrection of LIGHT. EVERY SINGLE DAY say in pure 100% belief, I AM my I AM PRESENCE! I AM the wealth, the opulence, the substance already perfected in my world of every constructive thing that I can possibly conceive of or desire! I AM the Ascending BEING I WISH TO BE NOW!

(In all due respect)


Honestly, there are so many things that I could say about this very honest and sincere seekers misgivings!

But let’s start with this…

Who ever wrote this, still does NOT understand how “reality” gets created!  This is the beginning of the problem!



First and foremost, nothing can happen here without our “collective” permission.

Is this clear?   Are there any questions before moving on?  This is the CONCRETE FOUNDATION and it can not be changed!

This is why the ILLUMINATI has to use MIND CONTROL tactics each and every single day on every one of us.

Operation Mockingbird does NOT just sway public opinion, as some people might think.  It goes far, far deeper than this.

It is seeking OUR CONSENT!

CONSENSUS, is a derivative of the word “consent”.   What Operation Mockingbird (CIA agents who are giving us Fake News Daily) really achieves is a “consensus” of opinion about what is real, and what is possible.

This is necessary so those who know how to USE our opinions against us can create a DARK and a DEVIANT REALITY.

They are doing this as we speak.

These “monsterous parasites” in the CIA know how “reality” gets created.  This knowledge comes to them from the mystery schools and the Jesuits.

Reality Creation happens “collectively”.

This means we ALL get a vote, (a single vote) on what we want to see happen here on Earth, and get created into this realm of manifestation.

So GOAL NUMBER ONE of the Illuminati is to HI-JACK public opinion and exchange real “truth” for their “truth”.

Are we clear?

Nothing gets created HERE without the real time HELP of the collective! We are all involved!

Therefore, what Donald Trump is doing with his “Tweets” and “His persona” as a leader, CAN NEVER create a single dang thing into this reality if WE ALL OBJECT TO IT.

He knows this all too well.

Is this clear?

This is why he TWEETS!

He knows that things only get done here on Earth as a result of working with others and gaining consensus!

He learned this not as a member of a Secret Society, or the Illuminati…

He learned this as a BUILDER!

He built many huge and sprawling buildings and complexes in his life.

How do I know about this?

Because “I” also was a builder!  I too have built countless buildings all over America!  I KNOW exactly what it takes to build something.  It is not easy.  BUILDERS are the most intelligent and resourceful people living on the Earth.  And they deserve far MORE respect than they get.

The “ART” of buiding something is the ART of organizing huge groups of people toward a common goal.


Trump knows that he “needs” people to follow him and agree with him in order to get anything done in America.  This is not a conspiracy, this is just how REALITY WORKS!

Barack Obama on the other hand was a “sleeze ball” of epic proportions!


Because he also was classically trained by the CIA, (as many News Media Presenters are) and was groomed since he was a child to be a future US President.  He also knew how reality “gets” created here on Earth.

He used our own MINDS AGAINST US.

He did one of the sleeziest moves that I’ve ever seen any human being do in History.

He planted a FAKE MEME into the NEW AGE RELIGION, that he was a “very high soul” and was here to deliver the planet from bondage…, (almost like a Jesus figure).

He had a lot of help in doing this from his Illuminati backers!

He gave this “FAKE IDEA” to some of the most powerful “creators” and “manifestors” living on the Earth, (Spiritual people) and had them “spread it around” through the vehicle of FAKE CHANNELED MESSAGES.

This is how he survived his lame presidency!

Otherwise, it is most likely he would have been taken out!  He “USED” the “belief” of the exceedingly gullible New Age Community as a cloak of protection while he proceeded to “gut” America of it’s wealth, it’s jobs, it’s businesses, and it’s real Spiritual Nature.

His intention was to destroy America totally by bringing in RADICAL MUSLIMS who have no concern for our country or for our ways.

Obama also knew that he needed public opionon ON HIS SIDE.  Otherwise anything he wished to achieve here on Earth could not have happened.


Remember Barack Obama LIED constantly!

Even “Saint Steve Beckow” agreed with the idea that he was lying on many occasions.

The takeaway message here is that there really is such a thing as TRUTH!

There really is only a “single” TRUTH.  (Not an “individual truth)

With real truth (real facts) , we are all capable of deciding exactly what “we” want for this Earth.  We do this collectively.

That is why a tiny MINORITY (men and women) who want to create a Luciferian HELL ON EARTH could never do so without the “help” of the rest of us.


They have no other choice.

They must deceive us…, and they must con us all in a huge way in order to get OUR AGREEMENT in order for their hateful and hellish plans and goals to manifest.

This is why buying and owning the MEDIA was so important to them.

Is it starting to become even MORE CLEAR??

If not, then there is nothing further to say.


Are you starting to see that they actually NEED US?

They need OUR CREATIVE POWERS to change what Earth really is.

But the only way this happens is if we ALL DO IT TOGETHER.

This is why they HAVE TO LIE.  They have no other choice!!

Further more…


And it’s a big one.

The NEW AGE was started by LUCIFERIAN – FREEMASONS in order to “steer” opinion and belief.

These are the players at the top of the food chain.

Most channeled messages are simply BOGUS!

They are a CON!

This is why I call them:


Here it is from their OWN MOUTHS.

More will be coming, but for now…, think deeply on this..

All my love…



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