After watching the entire Mark Passio Video on the Cult of Order Followers, I could not help but be truly moved!   I realized how many people were bullied, and unloved as children…, and who had grown up into adult life having only that pain to guide them on their life’s journey.  They had grown up in fear…, and so now they lived their adult lives in fear.  This is WHY they are “order followers”!

I’ve always realized that it takes great courage to truly LOVE, but it takes even more courage to LOVE what others did not…, the self within!

I grew up being bullied by my own parents, but whether it’s other kids or your own parents…, it’s STILL BULLYING.   The only way the world can change is if we can find the courage to LOVE our inner self.

Please watch this video…, and ask yourself if you are really living YOUR OWN LIFE, or are you just doing what you are told?   Can you live happily without FOLLOWING ORDERS?  Can you stand up for LOVE because it’s the right thing to do?  This one thing would change the entire world!

This song encapsulates all of the many feelings that a child who is repressed might feel when beaten down and never properly loved.  But can you see the strength and courage it takes to finally decide TO BE WHO YOU ARE?   To Love who you are!

Each of us must Love ourselves enough to break free of the chains that AUTHORITIES place around our necks forcing us into doing behaviors that are immoral and unjust!  We can no longer stand idly by and watch as others are tormented by unjust laws, unjust police, governments and armies!   We must CARE!

Fear and self loathing is what forces people to pick up guns, join army’s and go to war!  Feelings of abandonment were created somewhere in what should have been a loving child’s life.  Help others to see a new way forward!

Say NO, to hurting others…, say NO to following orders that cause pain in others lives!  Say NO to manifesting more injustice into a world that is already being over ridden with injustice!

My interpretation of this video is clear.

The bullies in the video are the men and women of the New World Order!  They are the Satanists!  They are ALL of the Police who are their lap dogs!  They are the CIA…, They are the NSA and all who work there!  They are the criminal FBI and all of the armies of the world who support the Criminal Bankers!  They are those who will stand trial on the HIGHER LEVELS for crimes against humanity.


The “person” being bullied are the TRUTH TELLERS…, the whistle blowers and all of the men and women around the World who love TRUE FREEDOM!

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