By: Bradley Loves


THAT IS THE “GOOD” the “BAD” and the “UGLY”….

Every man, woman, child…, worships at the alter of LIES far too much to save our imperiled world!  They “believe” that “secrets” are very necessary…, and so they have “condemned” mankind!

This post said it quite clearly…, and was roundly ignored!


It had all of “one” single comment under it…, and that comment was on a completely different topic!  And yet…, this post was literally HUGE!   It should have hit everyone like Tsunami, not a subtle breeze!

LIES and DECEPTION are verifiably killing our culture!  They are killing our society…, they are turning all of America into Sodom and Gomorrah!

Not even the “holier than everyone else” New Ager’s are willing to admit that LIES are so completely toxic and destructive…, because they LOVE to use them!

And yet…, these men and women claim in every single verbal engagement that “they” understand “vibration” – “frequency” – “waves” – and the nature of the Cosmos!

How is this even possible?

If I take “poison” and put it into someone’s food…, then I have made that food TOXIC and uneatable!

LIES, SECRECY, and DECEPTION are pure poison…, and have the “same effect” upon our world.  And, when they are spewed out into our collective societies and cultures, they are making those societies and cultures DEADLY for those who want to live in them.

So what do the New Ager’s and Christians say about all of this DECEPTION??

They say:

  • Overlook it…
  • Pay no Attention to it…
  • Turn the other cheek…
  • Pretend it is not happening…
  • Never “judge” it…

As we speak, we have:

Government Officials, Agents and Agencies, Police and Sheriffs, Generals and Admirals, Countless Military Personnel, Judges and Lawyers, Bankers and Businessmen, Teachers and University Professors, Scientists and Technicians, etc, etc, etc… ALL TELLING LIES and using DECEPTION!

This is where our world…, our culture…, and our society that once was moral is heading…

It is purely a “mathematical” equation and a “mathematical certainty”!

Oh beautiful America…, how many times must you be warned??  How many times must you be shown what is obvious to those who have EYES TO SEE??

LIES, DECEPTION, and most of all “SECRECY” will KILL AMERICA!!

You have NO RIGHT to stand in front of the THRONE OF THE CREATOR and tell “HIM” that you were not warned!


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