I’ve decided to reply to your comment here, because of how long it might get!

Scalar Wave technology is being used primarily due to the ability of those who are using it to FOCUS them on a specific target!

Normal waves (due to the way they move through time and space) are not nearly as focusable as Scalar Waves are.

Compare this technology to a mid—evil doctor who is using a butcher knife to do surgery, to a modern day doctor using the highest quality laser scalpel, aided with microscopic camera technology and you just might have an idea of how well these waves can be focused on a tiny target.

You just cant get much better when it comes to FOCUS.

This is why they USE THESE WAVES.

The PROBLEM…, (and it is really a BIG problem) is that these waves do not act like normal waves in Nature BECAUSE they are 100 percent synthetic waves!

They move at right angles to normal waves which is very “un-natural” and so they do not follow the rules or laws of normal physics.


Let’s say that the DARK CABAL wants to use SCALAR WAVE technology to cause an EARTHQUAKE in the present.

They’ve found through computer modeling that by hitting a particular plate or fault line EXACTLY in an precise spot.., maybe 300 feet (or even a mile) underground – it will cause the desired quake.

Scalar Technology can do this with great accuracy due to the users ability to FOCUS the waves.

But since these waves move at RIGHT ANGLES to normal waves (and do not follow the normal laws of physics)…, they can (AND DO) bleed through to other times and spaces because TIME and SPACE are constructed at RIGHT ANGLES to each other to specifically  PREVENT the bleed through of normal (or natural) waves!

So lets say that the CABAL hits a certain point in South America (near Peru) with Scalar Technology trying to create a devasting Earthquake there in 2018…, and they succeed!

There is a very high likelyhood…, (due to the BLEED THROUGH affects) that they ALSO have caused MULITPLE EARTHQUAKES in the very same spot on Earth – in the past and into the future as well.

This means that they not only ATTACKED men and women (Corporations and Armies or whatever) from the here and the now…, they ALSO attacked innocent men and women in the past and in the future!

This makes the DAMAGE that they have caused FAR GREATER and FAR MORE pervasive than they projected.

Now…, because we are dealing with the CABAL (SATANISTS) they really don’t care!

The NEW WORLD ORDER is all that matters to them…, and the rest of the Earth (all living men and women) and even men and women living in other TIMES on the EARTH can be DAMNED!

Now…, let’s get small!

Let’s say that they want to cause a HEART ATTACK in a specific target that they don’t like!

Scalar Waves are so easily focused that a single human beings HEART can be focused on with total precision!

They can focus these waves on a single organ in the human body!

This is how well they can focus these waves!

But remember…, these waves can ONLY be focused like this because they do not act like NORMAL WAVES found in NATURE.

So the Cabal proceeds to “target” the heart of one of their enemies in 2018.

First…, what you must know is that NOT EVERYONE who is focused with their “heart attack” technology dies from the attempts.

Many people do not succumb so easily…, even though the targets Heart may indeed be damaged by the attack.

The problem here is that in the attempt at causing a Heart Attack in one of their Targets (usually a “truth teller” or a “whistle blower”)…, there is the high probability of BLEED THROUGH affects where the “targets” younger child self (years earlier) is suddenly experiencing the intense PAIN of a simulated HEART ATTACK.

The PAIN will be just as intense and just as real for the child living in the past…, as it is for his or her adult self in the present…, who is the actual target of the Scalar Technology!

The 9 or 10 year old child may simply be playing on the swings on a school playground or kicking a soccer ball in the 1960s and 1970s and suddenly fall to the ground in extreme pain holding their chest because his or her FUTURE SELF is under attack from SCALAR TECHNOLOGY in the present time.

This is how bad the bleed through affect can get!

Don’t think for a second that the COSMIC POLICE are not watching this!  Those who use this technology will have so much to answer for…, their HEADS will spin when they leave their physical bodies!

They are in DEEP DOO DOO!

The Cabal may think they have a legitimate grievance with a human being in the here and the now…., but they have NO RIGHT to attack a human being in the past…, OR…, to cause severe damage in the past in a place like “Peru” by forcing an Earthquake in the here and now!

All of these things will be SEVERELY PUNISHED!

Trust me on this John!

These people do NOT know what they are doing.

Anyway…, I’ve said too much already.

Best not to say to much when it comes to such awful technology!

All my love….

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